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Mowen's Hut is a location featured in Dead Island. It is the home of the smuggler Mowen and found deep in the Mingende Jungle. The Heroes first visit the hut during the main quest King of the Swamp, after Matutero leads them there once they acquire Mowen's Boat. Mowen has been living in the hut, hidden away from most of the inhabitants of the jungle with its location only known by a trusted few. After the Heroes come to Mowen for help, he denies any knowledge of a way to the Prison however agrees to take them to the Laboratory, which he claims is where the outbreak occurred from.


Like all of the huts in the Jungle, Mowen's Hut is a simple bungalow with wooden walls and a thatched roof over it to keep the monsoon rains out of the building. The windows are boarded up and the only entrance is via the double doors at the front of the building. To the right is a small inaccessible storage hut joined to the building. Within the hut is all the basic essentials Mowen needs to survive, including a mattress for sleeping, a fridge for keeping food, a table and some chairs as well as other miscellaneous furniture for storage. A radio is on the table along with a desk light.

The surrounding swamp area features some broken rowing boats and a small dock in front of the hut. The way from the main dock to the hut is pathed with boards on the floor, many of which are broken or missing. Trees and foliage line the area along with a surrounding river and tall mountains.


  • It is impossible to access the area before completing the main quests leading to it, and it is also impossible to return to the location after talking to Mowen and going to the lab.
  • ID Card 63 can be found in the hut on one of the side tables.
  • A level 2 locked Metal chest is found inside the hut
  • Various Gotu Kola can be collected from the swamp around the hut.