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The Mounted machine gun is a type of mounted Firearm found in Dead Island.


The mounted machine gun is a static emplacement found in select few places across Banoi Island. It is immovable and placed in strategic places that gives it a good firing arc against enemies. The gun has high damage and can often spin on a 360 degree pivot with good elevation and depression angles. The weapon can easily kill zombies in just a few hits, making it an excellent crowd control weapon, while human enemies will also die in one or two shots. Since it can't be moved, its actual functional use is very limited outside of the story missions it features in.



  • The icon on the hud is of a minigun, while the gun seems to be based on the M1919 machine gun.
  • It is the only firearm in Dead Island that has true infinite ammunition.
  • By using the mounted machine gun, you can easily complete a challenge, even if it is very long and tedious. The challenge is Military-industrial Complex and if you fire continuously for 40 minutes! with the mounted gun, you will have just about completed all 4 levels of the challenge, since the MMG fires at around 250 rounds per minute. This will also conserve your own ammunition.
  • For all intents and purposes, the mounted machine gun was replaced by the minigun in Dead Island: Riptide.