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Side view of the boat in the Definitive Edition

The Motorboat is a new vehicle added in Dead Island: Riptide as an alternate method of getting around the Flooded jungle area of the game. It can seat the four Heroes, with one driver and three passengers, powered by a small outboard motor at the rear of the craft. The boat itself is a small, wooden canoe type boat with a shallow enough draught to get around the shallow waterways of the Palanai jungle. In the Definitive Edition, the boat has had a face lift, with a nice blue finish, with some tyres to protect it against mooring bumps and various wood being used as repairs over holes.


There are many locations around the jungle which the boat can be found:


The boat is one of two methods to get around, with the other being the good ol' reliable car. The boat is in some ways faster than the car and is nearly essential for getting around the flooded portion of the jungle at any sort of speed. The vehicle is powered by the single outboard motor on a hinge to be controlled by the driver. The boat is also equipped with a speed boost for getting through groups of Infected or Walkers that sometimes congregate in the waterways. The main reason for the speed boost is to kill zombies, as the only way the boat will kill is when you boost into the zombie.

However, the boat is also noisy and when you get near any Drowners, they will suddenly awaken and sprint at the boat. It is possible to use the boost to run into them and kill them, or at least knock them over, but failure to do so will result in them latching onto the side of the boat and (in around 5 seconds) lunge at the player. Just before they jump at you, there is a split second to hit the correct key prompt and kick them off, but failure to do so will result in you being tackled off the boat into the water. When in the water, if it is deep enough or you character is slow to get up, it is possible for them to start taking drowning damage before getting up again.


  • It is possible to boost for five continuous seconds before the boost is automatically stopped and you have to wait for the cooldown.
  • One method of removing Drowners stuck to the side of the boat is to clean them off by scraping the side they're on against a wall or rock face. This will hit them off and cause a little damage from the initial impact.
  • Another method is to simply get out of the boat and engage them in melee combat, but this is far slower and potentially more dangerous as there is often several of them chasing after you at most times.
  • Every motorboat has a blue hull, except for the one at the Marina pier where you first place the engine, which always has a red hull.
    • In addition, a single yellow motorboat can be seen in the cutscene of the survivors going to the Santa Maria Mission, and can be found moored up at Jimmy's Workshop.