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I see you have bite marks, yet Satan has not taken your souls. The Lord has sent you to save us. We heard word of your arrival over the radio. We knew you were coming.
— Helen

Mother Helen is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She is a nun and the leader of the survivors barricaded inside Saint Christopher's Church in Moresby. Mother Helen is one of the first survivors the Heroes first talk to in Moresby. After completing the main quest Ram on Heaven's Door, the heroes are directed to Mother Helen, who asks them to silence the bells, giving the next main quest Sacred SIlence.

Mother Helen is the main quest giver for the early part of Moresby, directing the heroes next to the Pump Station across town to turn on the water, which is still off after she sent two of the Church survivors to investigate. After recapturing the Pump Station from a gang of punks, she tells the heroes to check with Town Hall on the other side of Moresby, the rich side, to see if they have any supplies to offer. She directs them to Joseph who will guide the way, starting the main quest Drowned Hope, which is the last time the heroes see her for a while.

Upon returning from the Town Hall, she is the primary informer to the heroes about Jin's whereabouts with the armoured truck, giving them the main quest Lady in Trouble to go rescue her. After getting back the supplies, the last time the heroes interact with her is to share the supplies and accept her side quest Bury the Dead to clear out the cemetery of zombies.


Mother Helen is an older woman whose hair color is unknown. She wears a purple nun robe with a white cover underneath it, which wraps around her head and neck, a white tie around her waist as a belt, and black shoes. She also wears a cross necklace.


  • In the book, she is called Sister Helen but serves the same purpose.
  • Mother Helen thinks the zombies are demons from hell.