Vital statistics
Gender Female
Family Father (husband), Daughter (daughter)
Status Deceased
Location Royal Palms Resort

An unnamed mother was vacationing at the Royal Palms Resort with her husband and daughter when the outbreak infected the denizens on the island. She is a young woman with short black hair and wears a flowery red dress and several items of jewelry. She was mentioned in the trailer for Dead Island and appears at the start of the game dead alongside her husband.


The mother is shown in the trailer looking on as her husband rescues their daughter from a horde of zombies, the mother taking the daughter and laying her down on the bed whilst her husband struggles to hold off the undead. As the infected burst into the room, she grabs a nearby knife and prepares to fight them off, but she is caught off-guard when her daughter reanimates and attacks her father. In shock, the mother is then grabbed by a female zombie and she struggles to fend her off, but several others gang up on her and bring her to the ground where she is then set upon and killed.


  • It is suspected that the family has something to do with the story although the developers have not given away many details according to a recent interview by gameinformer

Q: "The family in the trailer found themselves in a pretty dire situation. Are they the main characters of the game? If not, will we see them again?" A:"We are not quite ready to talk about the involvement of the family in the game at this stage."

  • As pointed out in the IGN trailer breakdown the mother is not wearing a wedding ring though the father is. This is most likely a design oversight, but it is speculated that relationship problems might have brought them to the island.
  • Fans initially speculated that this woman may be related to the character Purna following the release of a character silhouette. It has since been confirmed that they are separate people.
  • Instead of going down the hallway from the player's room that leads to the progression of the game, double back to the end of the hallway to the room at the very end to find both the Mother and Father dead on the floor. Mysteriously the room they are staying in does not have a broken window where the Daughter was launched during the cinema and the little girl's body is nowhere outside the hotel. The axe next to the father cannot be picked up. The two appear to have grasped each others hands in their last moments.
  • Technically, the mother's fate is never revealed as we do not see her bit or even harmed in any way.
  • Strangely enough, the knife the mother was using is never seen inside the room on all platforms and is also strangely missing along with the Fire Axe in the Definitive Edition.