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We request that all citizens please remain inside. Anyone on the street will be considered hostile and dealt with accordingly!
— Announcement

Moresby is a major location featured in Dead Island. This third world city is the capital of Banoi. It was founded when settlers first arrived on the island and as it grew, it became a small port town, centred around the river running through the town. The first major buildings erected in Moresby were the Town Hall and Saint Christopher's Church, the Christian church for the Australian settlers. As the town expanded, many districts were laid out and developed for ease of navigation, including one for a market. A water pumping station is attached to the river to provide a source of water for the city, while a single, large vehicle bridge connects the wealthy area to the poor area of Moresby. However, as the town grew and the Royal Palms group constructed a luxury resort on the island, Moresby couldn't handle the sudden increase in population. The town fell rapidly into a slum and many of the inhabitants live in poverty, with cramped and terrible conditions.

As a result, the city suffered the worst during the outbreak due to its high population density, and evidence of a doomed battle against the infected litters the streets in the form of abandoned police vehicles and ambulances, smashed road barriers and hastily created barricades made out of crashed cars, buses and dumpsters, many of which were clearly broken through. The city’s roads are for the most part impassable to cars due to the sheer number of crashed vehicles, leaving travelling on foot the only viable option. Zombies roam the streets, as do hostile survivors who will attack the Heroes for their resources and equipment.


Main Quests[]

Act II[]

Act III[]

Ryder White's Campaign[]

Zombie types[]

Tactics and Survival[]

Moresby is by far the most dangerous area on the island, but this doesn't mean avoid the city. Loot dropped by zombies, found in crates and gained from quests prove to be worth the trouble. Carefully plan before you go for loot. Walkers and Infected tend to always be hiding. If you want to quickly get across the city, it’s best to use the fast travel between the warehouse and Church safe houses. If you want to get across the city when exploring, the best possible route are the catwalks made by survivors. Ladders to these catwalks are commonly found outside one of the many quarantine zone entrances. These stretch across the quarantine zone, and make it a bit easier to get across quarantine without losing health or weapons, as only the Infected can get to you while you are up there. There are also usually large throwable items like bricks or crates which you can use to disrupt an enemy before jumping down to kill them. They only do minor damage, but they interrupt enemy attacks and can even knock them over.

Ammunition for pistols is also very bountiful in Moresby, as looters commonly use pistols to dispatch zombies or players. In the way of weapons, strong one-handed weapons can be useful in the tight alleyways and back streets of the city. Grenades, molotovs, deo-bombs, or anything explosive are the most effective ways to dispatch the undead. These weapons—or any with an area-of-effect or sweeping aim—can kill multiple enemies in alleys and streets and may prove extremely useful.

Travelling by car is pretty much out of the question due to most roads being blocked off by car wrecks and barricades. Couple this with the only car being at the pump station, literally across the map with no fast travel location, means that getting a car is often more trouble than it's worth. The safest, albeit slowest, way of traversing the city is by using a long, two handed weapon like a sledgehammer and the various box trucks scattered around the city. By climbing onto the bonnet of the truck and crouching on the roof, you can gather all the zombies below you, allowing you to attack them with the long range of the sledgehammer while they grope forlornly at the air above them. You can easily chain this together by sprinting from truck to truck and repeating the process.

Rams are your main worry in the city, as the tight, enclosed space of the streets allow little room to kite them or dodge their attacks. A good way of dealing with them is to get up high where they can't attack you and just throw explosives or molotovs onto them. If you can, knock them over in a vehicle as they will instantly die when falling over due to their arms being locked in a straight jacket.


  • If you're desperate for firearms, you will need to be in Act III and be doing the quest Boat Supplies. Head inland towards the sewer entrance you entered with Joseph. There will be two men trying to get into a gun shop and you will be able to start the side quest A Tough Nut to Crack. If you complete the quest, they will give you access to the shop and therefore all the firearms there.
  • Some of the civilian walkers can be seen wearing with cartridge belts, however when killed they do not drop ammunition. They also wear protective motorcycle and football helmets, possibly being people who joined local police to fight the hordes of infected but were subsequently killed.


  • Moresby is most likely named after Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea which is where Banoi is said to be — off the coast of mainland Papua New Guinea.
  • Billboards in Moresby urge viewers to "Join Us", possibly a reference to Evil Dead.
  • You can occasionally see the Resort being advertised on billboards across Moresby. There is a website link, www.banoiholidays.ban, but this doesn't lead anywhere.
  • The barriers put up around Moresby have "Australian Biological Institute" on them, marking the main quarantine zone in the middle of the city.
  • Bug: if you find a gun shop or a merchant, find a door nearby, equip a gun, crouch, look at the door until your hero puts the gun up, then walk forward, you should glitch into the building, and then you can take the weapons from the case and a metal chest inside.
  • There was originally meant to be a day/night cycle but it was cut from the final game.
    • There's the remnant of the day/night cycle in Ryder White's Campaign as it takes place in Moresby at night, giving us a glimpse at how it might have looked in the main game had this decision been implemented.
    • A day/night cycle was eventually used as the main gimmick in Techland's next zombie game, Dying Light.
    • Random patches of rain in the form of rainstorms can be seen as the spiritual legacy of the day/night cycle.


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