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I was in contact with the pilots of that plane that went down. It was full of passengers and said they were making an emergency landing near the edge of the jungle.
— Monica, explaining the plane's whereabouts.

Monica Goldberg is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She first met by the Heroes when they travel to the Lighthouse at the Resort. She gives the Heroes the side quest Nighthawk, in which the Hero must locate Oceanic Flight 1012, which crashed in the Jungle after a malfunction in the air. After finding the crashed flight in the Jungle, the Hero can return to Monica to inform her of the fate of the passengers. Monica is shocked and speechless but thanks the Heroes for checking for her. She then remains in the Lighthouse for the rest of the game.


Monica is a young woman with short blonde hair. Like most female survivors in the Resort, she is wearing a bikini with no shoes or other clothing. The bikini is white with pink polka dots. She also wears a string necklace and a fitness tracker on her left upper arm.


  • While Monica's quest can be taken while in Act I, it can't actually be progressed until Act III when the Jungle is unlocked.
  • If you visit Monica again and haven't found the airliner yet she will be annoyed with you.