Vital statistics
Gender Female

Philippines Filipino

Status Alive
Location Jungle Village
Quest(s) Remains of the Damned

You must travel to the Ghost Village. There, in that unholy place you will find the skulls of those who have been cursed.
— Mongina, talking about the undead.

Mongina is a survivor featured in Dead Island. She is located near the Jungle Village, east of the location for the quest Show Must Go On. Note that you do not need to actually enter the Jungle Village to meet Mongina. Once the Waterfall Bunker fast travel destination appears, she can be easily reached without encountering any enemies (other than the three standard Walkers at the Waterfall Bunker). See the map image below for her location.

Mongina gives the Hero the side quest Remains of the Damned, in which the Hero must retrieve four Red Skulls for her that are scattered around the Ghost Town area.


  • The player needs to activate this quest before they meet Mowen. If they don't, Mongina will be there but won't speak to them. The only way to fix this is to join someone's game.


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