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For the curveball of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Molotov Cocktail (Dead Island 2).

Here's an easy recipe for a single incendiary device. A bottle of booze and a rag are all you need to turn any enemy from rare to well-done. Easy as pie as long as you don't accidentally barbecue yourself.
— Description

The Molotov Cocktail is a projectile weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. which will explode on impact and catch enemies and objects on fire. When thrown at an enemy, it will cause damage over time due to the fire.


Upon being thrown, the molotov will explode upon impact, coating the area around it with fire. Whilst the initial impact does little damage, around 300, the fire it leaves will quickly rack up damage, increasing in amounts depending on how long the enemy is sitting in the fire for. This fire inflicts a maximum of 150 damage per second and will leave an afterburn effect for around 5 seconds after the fire burns out. Due to not being a high initial damage weapon, the molotov is quite literally a 'slow burn' item, requiring time to be most effective. Despite this, they are excellent weapons to be used on static hordes of Walkers who, if managed to be gathered in one place stationary, will sit in the fire and take maximum damage.

The molotov is not impervious to problems, however, not least of which is its requirement for the enemy to stay in the fire for an extended period of time. Up until about level 30, a single Molotov Cocktail will kill even a Ram if it stays in the area of effect for the duration and afterburn. After that it will take two in succession (wait for the first to burn out) to kill the highest health undead. The same is true for Walkers, where at high player levels, it will require two molotovs in succession to kill a Walker. However, the initial molotov will usually do enough damage for the Walker to be easily killed by a single hit from a melee weapon or from a couple of well placed kicks.


Like all throwables, it can't have any mods attached to it but it is craftable at a workbench using the following blueprint:

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Here's an easy recipe for a simple incendiary device. A bottle of booze and a rag are all you need to turn any enemy from rare to well-done. Easy as pie as long as you don’t accidentally barbecue yourself.
In Dead Island, the blueprint is found in the server room at the Royal Palms Resort during the main quest Born to be Wild. After Mike Davis tells you to restart the security system, the blueprint is found in the room with the Thug. The mod is found next to the desk in the corner of the room.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the blueprint is purchasable from Wayne at any point before reaching Pinai Ferry Station.
Blueprint Base Item Needed Required Material Cost Stats

Molotov Cocktail



    • Damage: 300*


  • Molotovs can be given out as Quest rewards for certain quests and continuous quests throughout the game:
  • A few Merchants can sell molotovs:
  • Various molotovs can be found scattered throughout Banoi Island and Palanai Island for collection. These will respawn so can be collected multiple times to get a horde of free molotovs:
  • A molotov can be held indefinitely after readying it, it will never explode in your hand.
  • The Molotov's AOE will adhere to the ceiling (not being broken on the ceiling and having the liquid fall to the floor). It has also been seen causing damage through car roofs.
  • The AOE effect stacks on opponents so that the longer a target is in the flames the more damage they will take per second. (Care should be taken not to throw the bomb too short in the face of oncoming attackers as the area is decent sized).
    • The first second will deal 30 damage, then a subsequent 60, 90, 120 up to a maximum of 150 damage per second.
  • Molotovs, like other fire based weapons, are excellent counters to toxic enemies, those with the green cloud around them. Due to toxic enemies being highly vulnerable to fire, a molotov will kill them almost instantly.
  • They are also excellent against human enemies, as if you manage to land one on them, humans will die near instantly as well.
  • Floaters are nearly immune to fire, making Molotov Cocktails essentially useless against them.
  • The ability of Butchers to regenerate quickly can make Molotov Cocktails useless or of reduced usefulness depending on the situation.


  • There is a glitch where if the player throws a Molotov and a zombie climbs on to them (when they have to LT/RT-L1/R1 to get the zombie off), the thrown Molotov is used but there will still be another one. Could be used for duplicating purposes.