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The Moazik Shrine

The Moazik Shrine is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide in the Flooded jungle. It looks like a native shrine which has lot of baskets for offerings as well as many large stone statues. The shrine has got one of the pieces of Cinchona Bark that is needed to help Hadisi.


The shrine is set up in a large clearing at the top of a small hill, down a dirt path away from the road which runs next to Dr. Kessler's Biosphere. There's a lot of carved stone statues set up around a campfire in the centre. There's a lot of wicker baskets around for natives to leave offerings to the statues, as well as wicker bowls for food offerings. There's also a lot of long wooden poles which have skulls on the spike, as well as a torch just below them for light. There's torches all around the area to keep it lit throughout nights. You can see a waterfall from the other side of the shrine, as well as a view of Marik's Marina at the bottom of the cliff.


  • There's metal chest hidden in one of the corners partly obscured by leaves and foliage.
  • There's a lot of wicket baskets that are a good source of cash.
  • There's a lot of fruit left in wicker bowls for you to heal if needed.
  • There's usually a Suicider up here.
  • When approaching the shrine from the road leading to the biosphere entrance and Destroyed Road, the name flashes up as Burial Mound.