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Missing: Jamal is a lost and found Quest featured in Dead Island 2. where the Slayers are tasked with finding out what happened to the survivor, Jamal Martin at the Halperin Hotel. The quest begins when the slayers grab the journal, Missing: Jamal.


Where in Hell-A is Jamal?[]

The journal you grabbed points toward the Halperin Hotel and to look for clues at the security huts. Either walk their or fast travel there to continue the quest.

Sniff out clues to Jamal's whereabouts at the security guard huts[]

There are two huts you need to head to as they both have journals that will point you in the correct direction. First one is near the entrance toward the underground parking lot in the lot with the bus on its side. The hut is locked with by electronic locks and has an alarm that will go off when alerted, the same goes for the second one. The alarm his behind the above the door and the electronic locks are located behind the hut and one inside that needs to be hit with a throw weapon or shot. It contains the journal "Employee Vehicle Register".

The second hut is closer to the entrance of the hotel near the military and next to several buses. It's security is the same as the first one but a Screamer tends to spawn in front of it which will trip the alarm and attract more infected. This one contains the journal "Our Fellow Security Guard".

Jamal drove off in his pick up truck. Follow him![]

The two journals reveal that that Jamal drove away in his red pickup truck so leave the main area of the hotel and head toward the large hole caused the the earthquake. Next the the tanker truck will be Jamal's truck.

Take down the zombies around Jamal's truck[]

There will be several infected and walkers around with one in riot gear. There could also be a slobber if you do this later into the main story. Just fight them off like you normally would to continue the quest.

What did the Riot Gear zombie drop?[]

After finishing off the infect the riot gear would drop a key which continues the quest.

A key! Check Jamal's Truck[]

Take the key to a locked chest in the back of Jamal's truck to gain a journal and some rewards.

Oh, that was Jamal![]

The chest will drop the journal, "Bye, Ethan" and finish the quest. You also probably realized early that the zombie was Jamal due to the context clues and its name being, "Jamal?".


  • Jamal's note provides insight to how some of the infected felt and dreamed during their final days before turning.