Misery Wagon
Difficulty Medium
Given By John Sinamoi
Reward 2700 XP
Task Go to a mechanic to reinforce the truck.
Location Lifeguard Tower Previous Black Hawk Down
Next Only the Strong Survive

Misery Wagon is a medium quest given to the Hero by John Sinamoi in Dead Island.


The Hero must find a mechanic, Earl, and ask him to reinforce the Armored Truck. This quest is the first of a series.

The Hero drives the armored truck to Earl's workshop and must clear the area of zombies in order to get in. Earl, who is wounded and presumes he is going to become one of the undead, asks the Hero to take care of his daughter, Jin, and the Hero eventually agrees.

The Hero is given the quest "Only the Strong Survive", and while Earl is converting the Armored Truck to a fortress, the Hero must defend the workshop.


  • If you try to run into the Walkers banging on the door with a vehicle, its possible to push one of them into the warehouse making it impossible to progress the mission since the door will not open until they are all killed. Throwing a Molotov Cocktail at the door may kill it, however.
  • You can jump on the burned out truck and attract only a couple zombies at a time to make things manageable. Three Infected and 6 Walkers opposed me but I was able to take them down singly and in pairs with this tactic. With only one distracted walker left banging on the door I then looted the area before completing the quest.
  • Since leaving the truck's vicinity causes the Zombies to lose interest in you this is an ideal way to go get a regular truck from the Lighthouse to drive over Zombies with.

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