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Misery Wagon is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by John Sinamoi in Dead Island.


The Hero must find a mechanic, Earl, and ask him to reinforce the Armored Truck.


  • Talk to Sinamoi to start the quest.
  • He's decided that the heroes must travel to Moresby to search for food, but he's still worried that the bank truck isn't enough to help them get there. He wants you to drive to the workshop by the marina and get it turned into an armoured car.
  • Get in the truck and follow the waypoints to the workshop.
  • You can run over anything with impunity in the truck, even Suiciders, so don't hesitate to just plough straight through any zombies you see.
  • Upon reaching the workshop, you'll see Walkers banging on the workshop's main door, as well as some Infected.
  • You can either get out and engage them in melee combat, or you can just keep driving the truck back and forth to run them over and kill them.
  • Once they are all dead, park the truck inside the red ring, exit the vehicle and enter the workshop, as the main door opens upon the death of the last zombie and the truck being parked in the designated location.
  • Talk to Earl to finish the quest and start the next one in the chain, Only the Strong Survive.


  • If you try to run into the Walkers banging on the door with a vehicle, it's possible to push one of them into the warehouse, making it impossible to progress the mission since the door will not open until they are all killed. Throwing a Molotov Cocktail at the door may kill it, however; otherwise, you'll have to load the last checkpoint.
  • You can jump on the burned out truck and attract only a couple zombies at a time to make things manageable. With only one distracted Walker left banging on the door, it's possible to loot the area before completing the quest.
  • Since leaving the truck's vicinity causes the Zombies to lose interest in you, this is an ideal way to go get a regular truck from the Lighthouse to drive over Zombies with.
  • There's three metal chests and a box of pistol ammo in the workshop. Loot them before exiting the building after talking to Earl.
  • This is the first time you can place/retrieve weapons from Jin's storage if you don't have the Bloodbath Arena DLC.


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