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The Minigun is a mounted heavy weapon introduced in Dead Island: Riptide. It is the central focus of the main quest Heavy Equipment and they are brought to different safe houses by the Heroes and their survivors.


The Minigun is a mounted firearm used to defend safe houses in siege defence missions. After completing Heavy Equipment, the Minigun can be found in either an open wooden crate at the start of a siege defence quest, or already set up on a tripod. The Minigun can also be picked up and moved to certain designated areas, to change its cone of fire. It can fire in a roughly 45 degree area either side of its central position, which limits its effectiveness, however to counter this the weapon is incredibly powerful, able to kill a Walker in just a few bullets and making short work of basically anything it can target, including powerful special infected such as the Wrestler or Screamer. When in use, the Minigun can fire continuously for around 5 seconds before overheating and requiring a longer cooldown time where the weapon is inoperable. Upon firing the weapon, the barrels will start to heat up the longer the firing duration is, where the barrels will start to heat up red hot.


  • The Minigun is first acquired from a crashed helicopter at the Helicopter Wreck in the Flooded jungle and is taken through the rest of the game by the group.
  • This gun has the highest ammo capacity of 750 rounds in one magazine.
  • It has the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game, meaning that if not used smartly, you will run out of ammo very quickly.
  • It is advised to fire this weapon in short bursts rather than one continuous trigger pull like an auto rifle. This will both conserve ammo and reduce the chance of the weapon overheating.
  • For all intents and purposes, the minigun replaces the Mounted machine gun from Dead Island.
  • Like the Mounted machine gun, the Minigun is a one shot kill to most zombies, even against bosses it only takes a few bullets to kill.