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Military-industrial Complex is a challenge in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. To complete it, you must fire a certain number of bullets from any firearm. It can be with any Hero or gun, so long as you are firing it. Purna is the best Hero for this, since she's the firearms expert of the group.


  • 1,000 rounds must be fired for level 1 and the reward is 3,000 XP.
  • 2,500 rounds must be fired for level 2 and the reward is 20,000 XP.
  • 5,000 rounds must be fired for level 3 and the reward is 50,000 XP.
  • 10,000 rounds must be fired for level 4 and the reward is 120,000 XP.


  • Firing a mounted machine gun WILL count towards this challenge.
  • You DO NOT need to be firing at an enemy or hitting it with the bullets to count towards this challenge.
  • The easiest way to complete this is wait until you reach either the main quest Bitter Return during Act II at the Town Hall in Moresby or the main quest Soldier of Fortune during Act III in the Jungle. If you fire continuously for 40 minutes! with the mounted gun, you will have just about completed all 4 levels of the challenge, since the MMG fires at around 250 rounds per minute. This will also conserve your own ammunition.