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Militarized Zone is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Samuel Hardy in Dead Island: Riptide.


The hero must go to the Henderson Military Base and contact the base commander there, a friend of Hardy's.


  • Talk to Colonel Hardy to start the quest.
  • He suggests going for help at the nearby military base. He's friends with the base commander there, Commander Briggs, so if anyone is going to help out your group, it'd be the military. He does however warn you that it's got an activated defence and alarm system, so you might have to blow up the gate to get through.
  • The base is all the way on the left side of the map. You can't miss it on your map, as it's on an island to itself.
  • Go out of the cinema and go to the right of the courtyard. There's normally a Ram here, as well as Infected and Walkers, so deal with them first before moving on.
  • Go through the left of the cinema courtyard then take your first right. You'll be in a large, relatively open area with a load of tables and parasols. There's usually Walkers here and some Infected that will spot you in the distance. Kill them all then go through the archway in the far corner. Be careful using firearms here, as there's a Screamer close by who might be attracted by the gunshots.
  • Travel under the archway to arrive at a lovely walkway down by the sea front. It's also here that you'll see the corridor entrance to the military base. They've barricaded off some of it to try and stem the flow of the infected.
  • When you near the entrance, a short cutscene will play showing a Wrestler burst through the main gate. The good news is you can now get into the base, but the bad news is that there's an angry Wrestler coming for you!
  • Kill him however you want, then get towards the gate. See the Wrestler's main page for tips on dealing with them.
  • Upon entering the base, another short cutscene will show, warning you about various minefields the soldiers in the base placed as a last ditch attempt to stem the flow of zombies entering the base.
  • The Wrestler also set off the alarms when he broke down the wall, which will keep going until you turn them off. This is not only a problem because they're annoying, but also because they'll cause Infected to constantly spawn from spawners hidden in the tall surrounding buildings. You now need to turn them off to proceed.
  • They're located on four guard towers across the base. One is right next to you and you have two options on how to deal with them. If you have a gun and good aim, you can shoot the speaker to destroy it. If not, use the ladder to climb up the guard tower and turn it off manually. It also gives you a little breathing room from the Infected.
  • The Infected will constantly run at you from first floor balconies which you can't reach, so avoid the mines and head to your left. Don't go under the archway.
  • Head around to the left, kill any Infected around you, then proceed up the steps to a couple of medical tents that have been set up. On a guard tower in the corner is the second speaker.
  • There's often a Wrestler here, as well as a Suicider. You can use the Suicider to damage the Wrestler if you bring them together, but that could be tricky. Kill everything there, then deactivate the speakers however you want.
  • By neutralising the first two speakers in the left side of the base, Infected will stop spawning here, so you can take some time to heal up, reload, etc.
  • Return to the base entrance, then head through the archway to reach the other half of the base.
  • The third speaker in in front of you and more Infected will start to spawn when you exit the archway, so quickly climb up the guard tower in front of you and deactivate the speaker.
  • As before, there's usually a Wrestler here, as well as more minefields. The final speaker is across the camp on the far wall in the final guard tower.
  • Kill the zombies around you, then head towards that final guard tower.
  • It's smooth sailing from here for the moment. Once the final speaker is off, the alarm will finally shut up and the Infected will no longer spawn. You are now free to secure the rest of the base, kill all the remaining zombies and loot the place for weapons, supplies and healing items.
  • When you're ready, you need to get into the main building, but the door is locked tight. You'll need to blow it open.
  • A green search circle appears on you minimap, but the C4 is in the left hand corner of the base, in a small maintenance area.
  • Return to the main doors and plant the C4. You now have 3 seconds to run away before it blows up! Once it has, quickly get inside the building.
  • After a black loading screen, you'll be placed in the main foyer of the military base command centre. It looks as if the army has fallen, as the area is covered in dead bodies, blood and guts.
  • The power is out and Hardy contacts you via radio telling you to activate the emergency generator in the basement.
  • Follow the route marked on you minimap to reach the stairs to the basement. Descend the stairs and kill the few Walkers in the basement. The power switch is behind a chain fence, so flick it on to restart the power. Make sure to check behind you, as I've sometimes been jumped by a Walker after turning it on.
  • Return upstairs to find lights on and some rooms now accessible since the locks have now been powered back on.
  • Hardy will direct you upstairs to find the communication centre. Use the stairs right next to the stairs down to the basement to get further up the building.
  • Upon reaching the landing of the stairs, go through the door with a green keypad to enter a smoky room. At the end of the room is a doorway which is blocked by a raging fire. You need to find and use the fire suppression system to progress.
  • Follow the minimap route to go through a couple of large rooms to come out on the other side of the fire. The fire extinguisher lever is in here, however several burning Walkers will emerge from the fire. Kill them quickly before they can burn you.
  • Extinguish the fire then proceed through the charred area. You go through a series of offices which contain various undead including a Thug, before you reach the communications room.
  • In here is a Grenadier and some of his little friends, including Infected. This Grenadier is named, called Meat Thrower, so he's tougher than a normal Grenadier. Deal with his friends before killing him off as well.
  • Use the communications radio on a desk in front of the big TV which is playing static to activate a cutscene. You'll see and hear Frank Serpo on the screen, rather than Commander Briggs, who Serpo tells you is dead. Despite your massive (and quite understandable) mistrust of him, you have no choice but to agree with him as he's sending a chopper to come get your from the roof of the cinema. However, he also reveals that Hardy was lying and that there is no nuclear threat to the Island.
  • After the cutscene is finished, the quest will automatically end, but you might as well explore the rest of the inside of the military base as it has some good loot including a well stocked armoury to loot. Do this before returning to the cinema to start the next quest.


  • You can find a Flare Gun on the left guard tower with some ammo, while the speaker is on the right one next to the entrance.
  • You can tell when a mine is going to explode, as a makes a series of beeps leading up to detonation. This will reset if you get away from its detection range, however.
  • You can use the mines to your advantage with killing zombies, however. If you throw a meat bait at a group of mines, the zombies will run to it and hopefully detonate the mines in the process. This works best on the large infected like Wrestlers.
  • A blue rarity shotgun with ammo will respawn on the table in front of the final guard tower, where the fast travel map is located. There's also Secret File 7 here.
  • There are several metal chests you can find in the military base, as well as a decent supply of healing items and medkits in the white medical tents.
  • Use flares inside if you are struggling to see.
  • There's a workbench in the basement that you can use to repair your weapons.
  • The Grenadier can be easily killed if you puncture the tank on his back. Despite him being named and with more health, this will still instantly kill him like a normal Grenadier.
  • There's an armoury inside the military base command centre that will open once you complete the quest. Make sure to find and loot it before you leave.
  • There's also a mod you can find in a room with a Thug when you're leaving the building. Don't miss it.
  • Check the first guard tower with the speaker on it when you leave as well, as after this quest a merchant, Nora, can be found selling military equipment and, most importantly, good quality Sniper Rifles.