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Poor bastard... Jesus Christ...
— Mike Davis, referring to Ken's fate

Mike Davis is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is a member of the security team at Royal Palms Resort, and is first encountered inside the hotel during the main quest Born to be Wild. He offers to guide the Heroes through the hotel and unlock the doors, but requests that they discover the fate of his missing partner, Ken, first.

Mike acts as a guide for the Heroes as they make their way through the Hotel, warning them of any dangers coming up or what part of the hotel they're about to enter. Upon finding Ken, Mike is distraught at Ken's injuries and upon hearing that he wants morphine for the pain, he guides the Heroes to a nearby first aid room to get some. Despite acquiring the morphine and injecting it, Ken dies and Mike pays his respects. He agrees to continue helping the Heroes reach the parking lot.

After directing them to the security control room, he explains that the parking garage is just through a set of doors, but they're locked via electromagnets and his security grid is down, so he can't unlock them. The server room is next door, but it's overrun by Mike's old colleagues. The Heroes need to reboot the computers in there to let him unlock the doors. After they do so, Mike wishes them luck and lets them go on their way to the parking garage, not coming with them. He stays at the security room.


Mike is a middle aged man with short black hair and a clean shaven face. Unlike most male survivors in the Resort, Mike is fully dressed with a uniform consisting of a white shirt, black tie, black pants, white socks, and black shoes. He wears a radio on his left shoulder which likely links to a receiver in a back pocket.




Monitors in the hotel's control room, clearly showing areas from the prison including the helicopter on the roof.

  • Mike appears to be vulnerable to some of the player's attacks.
  • When he first meets the player on the other side of the elevator shaft, throwing a Molotov Cocktail at him will cause him to briefly collapse until the fire begins to dissipate.
  • Hand-held explosive such as a Deo-Bomb can cause Mike to flee from the impending explosion, potentially falling down into the elevator shaft and taking small amounts of damage. If enough explosives are thrown, his attempts to flee can actually end up with him climbing onto the player's side of the elevator shaft.
  • With a very precise jump, the player can actually jump onto Mike's side of the elevator shaft, leading to a ledge with no solid walls or textures, and allowing the player to see the abyss under the various passages of the hotel.
    • Likewise, in the elevator shaft, if the player crouches and looks up at the elevator doorway above the one Mike is in, they will see that there is no texture in the doorway, allowing them to see the dark void behind it.
  • Without dev-mode enabled or similar game mods, falling into the abyss will kill the player upon landing.
  • The monitors in the control room in which Mike is situated clearly show the inside and roof of the Prison.