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Midair Mutilation is an achievement/trophy available in Escape Dead Island. To unlock this, you must kill a Bouncer as it is flying through the air. It can be tricky to get, as they will fly quickly as they leap at you, but with a good few shots you can take it down as it leaps.


  • Obviously, you need the pistol or assault rifle unlocked before you can go for this.
  • The shotgun is also good for this, as a well placed shot can kill it in mid-air quite easily.
  • Normally, you'd want to sneak up to it and take it down silently from behind, but that won't unlock the achievement.
  • Once the Bouncer spots you, wait for it to jump at you before you attack it.
  • Make sure you kill it while it is in the air. If you kill it after it's landed, you won't unlock the achievement/trophy.
  • Once the zombie dies in the air, you'll unlock this achievement/trophy.


  • Get the bouncer alone if possible, as you may get distracted by other zombies around.
  • You can always soften it up while it is on the ground with a different weapon/at range. Get it to low health but don't kill it.