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Thank you. There's a wrecked ambulance on the road to the bungalows and medical supplies in the Lifeguard Tower. I'm pretty sure you can find painkillers and bandages either place. Maybe there's a Rescue Car on the beach. Try to hurry, okay. She's really suffering.
— Mick, asking the Heroes or help.

Mick Fler is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


He is located inside the Lighthouse at the Resort, along with a group of survivors led by James Stein. He is first met when the Heroes travel to the Lighthouse during the side quest On the Air where he gives the side quest Tell Me Where It Hurts, in which the Hero must find painkillers and bandages for Linda. Upon receiving it, he tends to Linda and stays with her while she recovers. He has no further side quests and remains in the Lighthouse for the rest of the game, cradling Linda, giving her supporting words and making sure she is recovering well.


Mick is a middle aged man with short black hair and a clean shaven face. Like most male survivors in the Resort, Mick wears a pair of swimming trunks with no shirt or shoes. The swimming trunks are orange. He also wears a bead necklace and a bandage wrapped around his lower right arm.


  • After completing his quest by giving him pain meds for Linda, he is now always seen sitting close to her and having his arms around her. This implies he might be interested in her.