The Metal Pipe is a melee weapon found in Dead Island. It is often carried by Walkers, and can also be found on the sides of bungalows and buildings. The variants carried by Walkers tend to be very weak, but when found in chests they can be much deadlier. In sacrificing damage, they offer a very high force attribute, easily knocking down the undead.

Like other very weak melee weapons (Paddles, Frying Pans, Hat Stands), metal pipes and all its variations never scale with the player's level, they also cannot be modded, so they become very bad choices later in the game. The pipe has a medium swing speed and moderate stamina usage, so it is a pretty good choice, but its small size limits its use in crowds.


  • Rusty Pipe
  • Heavy Rusty Pipe
  • Heavy Pipe
  • Pipe

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In Dead Island: Epidemic

Metal Pipe
Game(s) DIEtopleft
Rarity Ordinary
Power 209
Defense 38
Life leech 16
Ability None
Modification slots
Ordinary 2
Cloth Scrap 7
Account level 5
Tier 4
Gear points 7.800 (1.500)

In Dead Island: Epidemic, Metal Pipe is an ordinary heavy weapon.

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