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Lieutenant Colonel (posing as W.O.) Melissa Rodriguez is a survivor and trader featured in Dead Island 2. A member of the United States Marine Corps, she can be found on the third floor of The Tower in the northwest section of Venice Beach.


Melissa is a member of the Marines who was among the forces deployed to Venice Beach during response efforts following the Los Angeles zombie outbreak. She was involved in the establishment of the Venice Beach FOB, including the commandeering of the Tower and the digging of burn pits behind it.

In addition to her standard duties, Melissa was also secretly participating in Project Strange Love, a classified Department of Defense project involving experimental weaponry. She received correspondence from one of her superiors, Brigadier General Ben Seascale, who vested command and control of the Strange Love assets to her alone and briefed her on the situation outside of LA.

Following the fall of the FOB to the zombies, Melissa barricaded herself on the Tower's third floor and set up numerous traps in order to prevent any zombies from reaching her. She also had access to the Tower's PA system, which she uses to remotely communicate with a passing Slayer.





Note: All of the possible items in Rodriguez's stock are not guaranteed to appear at once. She will have a different selection each time you load the game.







  • A highly classified note on one of the tables in The Tower reveals that Rodriguez has the authority to "unleash the wrath of Heaven" upon Los Angeles. This probably refers to some sort of air and/or nuclear strike which would annihilate all the living and dead in its path.
    • This same note reveals that Melissa is actually a Lieutenant Colonel. However, she is working undercover as a Warrant Officer in order to not attract extra attention to her secret mission involving the assets of Project Strange Love. This is due to the suspicions by BGen Seascale that there are secretly bad actors present who are interfering with Marine operations.


  • After obtaining Bodycount, Melissa will tell the Slayer she knows its missing and asks them about it. After the Slayer tells her they took it, she tells them she doesn't mind but is annoyed that she wasn't asked first.
  • Melissa calls the zombies 'Fuppets' as a form of military code name. It is a combination of 'fuck' and 'puppets'.
  • She likes listening to heavy metal or rock music.
  • Melissa is friends with BGen Seascale, as well as PVT Delgado before the latter's zombification.