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Medkits (short for Medical Kits) are items found in Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, Escape Dead Island and Dead Island 2. They are used to heal the player character and other injured Heroes.

Dead Island and Riptide[]

Medkits are healing items featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. They are use to rapidly replenish health. Upon pressing the corresponding button, the hero will use the Medkit to inject themselves, healing a certain number of chunks of their health bar depending on the size of the medkit. A Small Medkit heals one chunk, a Medium Medkit heals 3 chunks and a Large Medkit heals 5 chunks. It takes roughly 5 seconds to use a medkit, during which the hero is defenseless and unable to attack, though they can still sprint or dodge. Medkits are also used to revive or heal other players when playing co-op. Going to a downed player and pressing revive on them will use a medkit and get the player back on their feet. Medkits can also be sold but this is unwise as they do not yield much Cash and are for too useful as healing items.


  • When the player first begins the game, a medium Medkit can be found in the back area of the starting room in the Hotel.
  • Medkits can be found in several fixed locations through the Banoi Island. They hang under a sign reading "First Aid".
  • The players can find several merchants who sell the medium Medkit for $200 and after Act I, the large Medkit for $500.
  • After Act I there is a chance that a Medkit can be obtained as loot after killing any kind of zombie.
  • In act one (and after) it is possible to farm large med kits. There is a large Medkit lying in the passenger (left) side floor board of a crashed white truck part way between the Lighthouse Gas Station and Harlan's Bungalow. If you travel to the station or Harlan's Bungalow it respawns, yielding two per round trip. After completing the quest Fluid Necessity, this route can also be used tofarm Molotovs (albeit slowly) by picking up alcohol at the station and bringing it to Harlan.
  • There's a good chance that Walkers in Moresby will have a medium medkit on them when killed, making it a good source of free medkits.


  • After picking them up one can normally replenish them by re-entering or reloading the map.
  • During Act III, it is wise to stock up on Large Medkits bought from Joel Dirt, as one will use them profusely from then on.
  • Xian Mei is the only Hero that can obtain a percentage bonus to Medkit healing due to her First Aid (25% bonus), Field Medicine (50% bonus) and Surgeon General (75% bonus) skills in her Survival tree.
  • In Escape, the maximum HP is 48 for New Game+ and 44 outside of New Game+ after collecting all the medkits. Cliff starts out with 2 HP.
    • Enemy damage increases in New Game+ meaning you are most tanky in a regular game with 44 HP.


  • When using any Medkit, it immediately switches to Alcohol if one have any in the inventory. Hazardous if surrounded by hordes of zombies.
  • Though the max inventory stack is 30, salvaged Medkits and purchased Medkits might need to be given to Jin and then re-collected to fall under one stack.


Escape Dead Island[]

Medkits function differently in Escape Dead Island. Instead of having a constant, on screen health bar, there is a regenerating invisible health bar system. The amount of damage Cliff Calo can take is directly proportional to the amount of medkits collected while exploring. These medkits come in two sizes. The regular medkit increases his health by 1 while the large medkit increases it by 3. It takes no time to collect a medkit and they are instantly used upon collection. However, if Cliff dies before reaching a checkpoint after collecting the medkit, its effect will be removed and will need to be collected again. Since it is a singleplayer game, there is no revive function for the medkits nor can they be sold. Cliff starts out with 2 health points so every medkit picked up is a huge buff early on.


Below is a list of all locations for medkits in the game. Small medkits are denoted by a +1 in brackets whilst large medkits are denoted by a +3.

  • In the cupboard on Cliff's father's boat (+1) (Only accessible in New Game +)
  • near the bottom of the garbage chute (+3)
  • In the locked hut of the Beach Bar (+1)
  • In the deserted hut between the Beach and the Jungle (+1)
  • Near the picnic table in the Jungle (+1)
  • at the top of the grappling hook area near the Jungle picnic table (+1)
  • On the Mountaintop, left of the container (+1)
  • On top of the grappling hook area in the Mountaintop (+1)
  • Besides the army knife (+1)
  • Besides the crashed car on the crossroads between the Jungle, GeoPharm Labs and Marina (+1)
  • In the bunker of the unlabeled keycard (+3) (Only accessible in New Game +)
  • In the side room before the Dweller introduction scene (+1) (Requires DLC)
  • Near the bottom of the entrance stairs into the room with the assault rifle (+1) (Requires DLC)
  • In the hidden vent area of the 2 separated Dweller's room with engines, guarded by a Butcher and Infected. Ronald's Log 4 is also in this room. (+3) (Requires DLC)
  • After the 'train ride' in the back of the first bedroom (+1) (Requires DLC)
  • Just outside the fence of the GeoPharm Labs car park (+1)
  • In the pipeline enclosure before the Marina gas tunnel, near the tree (+1)
  • In the gas filled room of the tunnel connecting GeoPharm Labs to the Airfield (+1)
  • Behind the Hangar just outside the fence (+1)
  • On the Airfield near the crashed plane (+1)
  • On the top floor of Dr. Branden's house inside the Staff Village (+1)
  • On the mysterious house's ground floor inside the Staff Village (+1)
  • On the top floor of Dr. Faith Kimball's house on the balcony (+1)
  • On the platform of the gondola at the Crown Residence (+1)
  • Near the grappling hook leading up to the Villa entrance, in the hidden area underneath the rock formation, along the wall (+1)
  • On a sun lounger near the large private swimming pool at the Crown Residence (+3)
  • In the kitchen area of the GeoPharms Labs reception area (+1)
  • On the refining lab ground floor left after entering the ground floor via Dr. Faith Kimball's lab (+1)
  • In the lab corridor before Dr. Branden's Lab (+3) (can be picked up without opening the corridor by dashing into the wall)
  • In the corridor where you are chased by the subway train (both ends have a garage door) (+1)
  • On top the hill at the Docks (part of the Marina) near a tree (+1) (spawns after completing mission 7 - Beauty and the Beast)
  • On top of the large metal awning covering the docking area of the Docks (+1) (spawns after completing mission 7)
  • On the right side of the waterfall on the shortcut path leading from the beach to the Helipad (+1)
  • In the locked room of the warehouse leading to the Freight Elevator (+1)
  • In the beach DLC hatch (+1) (Requires DLC)
  • In the Villa after exiting the meat wardrobe, upstairs on a couch (+1)

Dead Island 2[]

A medical kit filled with bandages, sterile wipes and all your medical essentials. Immediately boosts health on use, and removes harmful status effects.
— In-game Description

Med Kits are a consumable featured in Dead Island 2. They are used to immediately restore 10% of your Peak Health while also removing bad status effects and if Safe Space is equiped, creating a shockwave around the player that drains stability of nearby zombies. Additionally, ~40% of your peak health is restored over 8 seconds. While affected by Autophage Tier 3, the medkit restores 5% peak health instantly and ~18.4% over 6 seconds. While affected by Sugar Rush, the medkit restores 12.5% peak health instantly and ~63.3% over 6 seconds. when affected by both buffs, medkits restore 7.5% peak health instantly and ~34.8% over 6 seconds.


The Med Kit blueprint can be purchased from Carlos Salazar who can be found in Emma's Mansion in Bel-Air.