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Meat Thrower

Meat Thrower is a special named Grenadier found in Dr. Kessler's Biosphere in Dead Island: Riptide. It is the last Grenadier killed in in the Biosphere.


Meat Thrower appears as a regular Grenadier, like all the other Grenadiers around, though he is the last one reached. Other than being named, he doesn't have any stand out features to set him apart from the others. He's wearing a yellow biohazard suit with a black gas mask and metal gas tank on his back. Though, like the Grenadiers, his mutation has caused large parts of his body to swell and bulge out of the suit.


Like all the other Grenadiers, Meat Thrower is a ranged zombie. Upon spotting the Hero, he will start to tear off parts of his body and throw them at them. He also gurlges upon spotting the Hero, alerting them to the fact that they have been spotted as well as alerting nearby Mutated Scientists to the Hero's presence.


  • Using a ranged weapon like a flare gun or firearm can easily dispatch him, especially if you can sit outside of his ranged attack.
  • Fire weapons can kill him quite easily. Molotovs are useful as, like all Grenadiers, he is slow moving so will likely remain in the fire for the entirety of its duration.
  • Like Grenadiers, if you can puncture the gas tank on his back, it will explode after a short time and blow him up, killing him instantly.
  • For this reason, explosives like grenades and deo-bombs can easily take him out, since they will explode the gas tank.
  • Mines will also do well, though it is a slower method.
  • It is possible to dodge his projectiles, so use cover and close the distance to him quickly.
  • Like Grenadiers, he is slow to turn so you can easily circle strafe him without taking damage, since unlike Floaters he has no close range attack.


  • Meat Thrower is the Grenadier seen in the Cutscene.
  • Despite being a special 'named' zombie, he is in fact no different to a regular Grenadier.
  • Strangely, Meat Thrower returns later in the Henderson Military Base and is Mayor Mr. Henderson somehow.


  • Dr. Kessler's Biosphere
  • Military Base