Meat Bait 1232

Meat Bait

Okay, now I know this sounds disgusting, but hear me out. A jar filled with flesh can be used to bait the walking dead. Throw it hard and when it shatters the undead will gather around it like vultures over a rotting carcass.
— Description
The Meat Bait is a projectile item featured in Dead Island. It is used as a distraction rather than an explosive weapon like grenades. When thrown, it attracts zombies within a large range. The only way to obtain this weapon is by finding the corresponding schematic for making them in Act II. The schematic requires 3 Meat, and 1 Duct Tape.

In Dead Island: Definitive Edition, the Meat Bait Blueprint, along with other blueprints, are given to the player when starting the prologue


  • When the Meat Bait is thrown, any zombie that is already chasing the Hero will be distracted, causing it to walk towards the location that the bait was thrown.
  • When a zombie reaches the location of the bait, it will start to attack the surrounding area of the bait, which can sometimes cause damage to nearby zombies.
  • The Meat Bait is particularly useful when dealing with large amount of zombies as the player can gather them in one spot and then throw a Molotov, Grenade, or any other explosive there.


  • There is an explosive version of this item called the Exploding Meat which is obtained only through the Zombie Survivor Game at PlayStation Home, behaving much like the pipe bomb in Left 4 Dead. However with the PC version it is possible to mod ALL meat bait to produce the same effect, by following the instructions on this page: GameFiles:Mods and Tweaks/Exploding Meat Mod. The graphics 3D model and skin for the exploding meat might be in the game files, if it is perhaps an enterprising modder could add it as a separate blueprint and combine the gameplay effect from the mod with the graphics.