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Meat is a miscellaneous item used for creating a specific weapon modification in Dead Island. In Dead Island, it can only be obtained by killing an Infected. In Dead Island: Riptide, it also has a low chance to appear randomly in containers. It appears as a lump of raw meat, violently ripped off an Infected. It is bloody and raw, showing the decomposition stage of the zombie.


  • Randomly in Metal chests (Dead Island: Riptide only).
  • Dropped after smashing the skull of a living Infected (via blunt weapon, stomp, or high caliber gun). The Meat piece will have a greater chance to drop if the head of the Infected crushes, although it may also drop just by killing the Infected by bashing the head. Smashing the head of an already deceased Infected will not produce meat.

Other Meat[]


  • This is one of the harder mod items to obtain, as it is only dropped by Infected and only by smashing the head, not cutting it off. This makes a sharp weapons user, like Xian Mei, have a harder time acquiring Meat for the Meat Bait.
  • Some of the easiest places to acquire this item include:
    • The City Tunnel. Besides several Infected scripted to enter this area by the border walls when this area is approached, when approaching the tunnel itself, single Infected will periodically and infinitely start spawning every few seconds from inside the tunnel. These Infected will most likely catch fire from the burning car lying inside the tunnel, debilitating them when they finally reach the player, and thus making them more easy to kill.
    • In the Quarantine Zone of Moresby, as numerous Infected constantly spawn, making it a great place to farm Meat.
    • In Riptide, Halai Village has many buildings that act as Infected spawners, where Infected will endlessly spawn on the roof and jump down, making it a good place to farm them for meat.
  • Dropped Meat will sometimes clip through the floor and thus be unobtainable (usually after killing the Infected with a stomp).
    • If this happens after killing the Infected on an upper floor inside of a building, the Meat piece can be found and picked up on the floor below.