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Matter of Justice is a hard difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Tim in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the Police Station and locate the file on Esau.


For detailed walkthrough of the Police Station, see Lady in Trouble.
  • Talk to Tim to start the quest.
  • He tells you that he was involved in a case where his wife was raped and murdered by a man named Esau, but the case was dropped because everyone was too scared to testify against him. Now the island is overrun by the outbreak, Tim decides it's time for him to pay. He wants you to get the case file from the detective's desk who was working on the case.
  • Head over to the Police Station.
  • As the Police Station is now cleared of punks, you can go in through the garage door, rather than going in via the Sewers again.
  • There's more zombies now, as there's no punks to keep them away, so the Police Station is now inhabited by the undead.
  • In the parking garage there's a Thug, some Walkers and at least one Infected. Kill them all and go up the stairs, killing the few zombies you find.
  • Make your way to the cells and, as before, kill the Walkers by the door and then eliminate the Thug in the control room.
  • You can now follow the same path you used when here to complete Lady in Trouble. Go past the armoury, into the reception room and kill the group of Walkers that's there. Then proceed up the stairs to the long corridor. There's Infected on the way and down the corridor, so kill them first, then clear out the Walkers. Follow the corridor down to the final office room where the chief's office is. There's a bunch of Walkers and Infected here, as well as a Thug in the office itself.
  • Once you're near the office, a door will open near where you entered the office from and a couple of Infected will come for you. Don't get caught out by this. Be ready for them and kill them quickly.
  • Once everything is dead, find the yellow folder on a far desk, next to the chief's office, then make your way back to the garage. Once there, get back out to Moresby and return to Tim.
  • Hand it over to Tim to finish the quest, then take his second and final quest.


  • There's a metal chest out the front of the Police Station that you can loot.
  • You can still loot the armoury in the Police Station, which usually gives at least one firearm.
  • You can explore more of the Police Station while completing this quest compared to Lady in Trouble.
  • You can find the Shotgun Ammo Recipe in the archive room next to the chief's office.

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