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Mataka Village

The flooded village

Mataka Village is a location featured in Dead Island: Riptide in the central part of the Flooded jungle. The whole village is flooded due to recent monsoon. It was one of the villages in the flooded jungle when a combination of flooding and the outbreak caused the villagers to abandon it.


The village was, before the monsoon, a spread out, large area over the shallow river path through the village. The buildings are built on stilts to avoid the water, with places to moor boats. The houses themselves are the typical shack type houses seen around most of Palanai, bungalows built from basic wood and scrap metal. There's one larger building built on the shore, possibly a combined storehouse/workshop.

Access to the village is by boat or foot, with no wheeled vehicle access. There's a dirt path leading all the way to the main road, while boats can putter through the water to access the village. There's a few caravans in the village, now swamped by the monsoon rain and flooding. A couple of buildings have roof access, but very few. There's a rough palisade wall across the water to limit access to the village, as well as a large welcome sign either side. It is also the village where Marcus Villa lived.

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  • A Metal chest can be found in the workbench room.
  • There's a lot of bodies floating in the water within the village. Check them all as some of them might be Drowners playing dead.
  • 2 Infected and Floater will always spawn on the shore where the workbench is.
  • Inside the room with the workbench will be Walkers and a Suicider. Don't get caught out when going inside.
  • Hadisi, and Batram are located in the hut with the fast travel location, however they will disappear after the main quest Natural Resources, possibly due to it being Marcus Villas home so buy what you want from them now, as you won't be able to later.
  • Drowners are common in this area due to all the flooded water.
  • A dead zone is located here, the Mataka Village Bungalow.
  • The Shark Mod is found inside the storehouse/workshop on a metal shelf.