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You like things tough, huh? Surviving Hell-A will become far more challenging with this card equipped. A path taken only by the bravest Slayers!
— Description

DI2 Masochist Skill Card

Masochist is a Survivor Skill Card available in Dead Island 2 with the SoLA DLC. When equipped, it greatly increases the difficulty by reducing Slayer damage and stability damage on zombies whilst also reducing the speed of natural health regeneration. Healing items are less effective, weapon durability is also decreased whilst adverse status effects are gained faster.


The Masochist card can be seen as a difficulty selector for the game, giving it a hard/hardcore difficulty which can be quickly toggled on or off as needed. Player damage is reduced by half (50%) as is stability damage to zombies, meaning it makes limbs harder to maim and zombies a lot more difficult to kill. The skill also reduces the stun time for zombies by 70%, leaving windows for retaliation, healing or finishing moves a lot tighter. Performing a perfect Block or Dodge becomes a lot more difficult and require more skill to pull off. Slayer natural health regeneration is reduced by a quarter (25%) whilst healing items including Medkits are reduced in effectiveness by a fifth (20%), making it more difficult to stay alive, especially mid-fight where medkits are especially valuable.


  • The card is only unlocked when the SoLA DLC is installed.


  • In the in-game description of the card, there is an erroneous double space in "become far".