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Sylvia was wise to leave me.
— Marvin

Marvin is a Survivor featured in Dead Island: Riptide. He is first found by the Heroes at the Pinai Ferry Station as a hostage of Thaddeus and his men. After the enraged hero kills the prisoners, Marvin yells for help and begs for his life. When the Hero talks to him, he explains he was trying to find his family, but had been captured and taken hostage. He also mentions he worked at the ferry for sixteen years, claiming he can help to get the ferry running, though it will be loud and attract Zombies. The survivors go ahead with the plan, and during the subsequent main Quest Terminal Siege, Marvin and the non-immune survivors hide in the station's control room whilst Marvin calls over the ferry to get to Henderson. Once it is across, Marvin goes with the survivors to find his ex-wife.

Upon reaching Henderson, he advises the survivors that a good place to hold up whilst in the city is the Old Town Cinema, as it has plenty of supplies and the owner of the cinema, Jacqueline Phantom, might still be there, giving the main quest City Newcomer. He moves into the cinema with the survivors when it has been made secure. After the failed rescue attempt and subsequent move to The Fort of Henderson at the end of the main quest The Crash, Marvin laments the splitting up of him and his wife, just wanting to be with her. He asks the heroes to look out for her whilst they are in Henderson and tell Marvin if they see anything, giving the side quest Family Ties. When Sylvia is found alive, Marvin asks the heroes to continue searching for her, giving the side quest Reunited. Sylvia is found in the Makeshift Hospital, and upon being told this, Marvin says that he will go there to be with her. However, he never actually leaves and will remain with the group for the rest of the game regardless.


Marvin is a middle aged man with black hair and a full beard. He wears a light blue t-shirt, tan cargo pants held by a black utility belt, and faded brown hiking boots.


  • Even if his side quests are completed, Marvin will never leave to go to the Makeshift Hospital and be with Sylvia for an unknown reason.
  • He also leaves with the survivors at the end of the game, meaning it is possible he brought Sylvia along, if his side quests are completed, though this is unconfirmed.