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EDI Marina

An overlook of the marina

The Marina is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is a large, docking area which likely served small cargo ships with taking produce to and from Narapela. The marina is split into multiple areas, with there being docks, a warehouse, staff offices, the marina pier and a garbage chute. Cliff Calo first visits the marina after waking up from nearly drowning inside a shipping container. He has to traverse the marina to reach the beach and find his friends. He later comes back several times with more equipment to traverse more of the marina.


The marina is a large area of land, containing multiple different locations. It is connected with the rest of Narapela via a cliff road which leads to a checkpoint and concrete bridge, which has somehow collapsed. Several wrecked cars and vans are located here while the checkpoint is broken open. Over the bridge is the road leading down to the main docks of the marina. There's also a small car park for workers to park. The docks contain a covered area for goods as well as a concrete storage building. A lifeboat can be seen against the dock where the shipping crane is holding a container. At the back of the marina is a large warehouse, which holds all the supplies and shipping moving in and out of the marina. There's offices suspended in the top of the warehouse for workers and other staff members to work.


  • When you first come here, the bridge is broken. However, when you return later on in the game, the bridge is fixed and you can walk over it as normal.
  • You find the rope here, inside the checkpoint building.
  • The screwdriver is inside the warehouse, stuck in the body of a zombie.
  • The lever axe can be found inside the warehouse when you come back here during Mission 8 - Devan, lying on a workbench for collection.
  • The grappling hook is found here, inside the storage room, also accessible during Mission 8 - Devan.
  • Postcard 10 can be found at the entrance checkpoint of the Marina, on top of some suitcases opposite the road into the area.
  • GeoPharm File 16 can be found here on top of an aircon unit on the warehouse. The Grappling Hook must be acquired to reach it.
  • GeoPharm File 17 can be found on an outcrop overlooking the marina from the road ramp down. It's easiest to collect when returning to the marina and the road bridge has fixed itself, heading through some bushes allows access to the outcrop where the file is found.
  • GeoPharm File 18 can be found hiding behind a beige van in front of a loading bay door at the far side of the marina, where the road ramp leads up to the bridge. It's the area where a Butcher spawns during Mission 8 - Devan.
  • GeoPharm File 21 is found inside the van with the open side next to the checkpoint booth, where a streetlamp has fallen onto it.
  • GeoPharm File 26 is found next to one of the hatches accessible with the Underwater Labs DLC. Heading down the beach, away from the marina, after going down the rope attachment point from the checkpoint reveals the hatch, and the file is just beyond it, hidden in some palm trees.
  • Taking a picture of the Shambler with the Camera gives Snapshot 6.
  • Taking a picture of the laptop in the checkpoint booth with the Camera gives Snapshot 43.
  • Taking a picture of the pizza on the roof of the storage room with the Camera gives Snapshot 46.
  • Taking a picture of one of the boxes with the Camera gives Snapshot 52.
  • Taking a picture of the beige SUV with the Camera gives Snapshot 79.
  • Taking a picture of the van at the checkpoint with the Camera gives Snapshot 80.