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This abandoned river village, decimated during the war, was bought for a bargain by an expatriate Polish immigrant in the 1970's. Marik Zawodny built a new marina on the river and a small village rose up around it. Marik passed away in the 1990's, but his descendants continue to run the marina. The rivers have always been one of the major transportation corridors between the villages on Palanai and they remain so to this day. Marik's Marina has become a popular tourist spot as it's now a primary launching spot for many jungle river tours.
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Marik's Marina is a location in the Flooded jungle and featured in Dead Island: Riptide. It was a marina in the jungle created by Polish immigrant Marik Zawodny in the 1970s before the outbreak and became a hot tourist spot for tours of the jungle waterways and the bay around Henderson. The Heroes first come here during the main quest New Beginnings where they must find a boat for the survivors to use to get around. Later they must come here in the main quest Pump Action where they must find a mud pump in Jimmy's Workshop at the marina to pump out the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels from the Santa Maria Mission.


Marik's Marina is quite a large area consisting of three main sections, being the main marina, the marina workshop and Jimmy's Workshop across the water, as well as the nearby Lonely Cave Dead Zone. The marina can be accessed via several footpaths, but the main road does lead into the marina, through a covered wooden entrance that has a sign for the marina above it. Unfortunately, this door was mostly closed at the start of the outbreak so vehicle access is restricted to the waterways. Just inside from the entrance are several large gas tanks and a gas pump for vehicles, as well as a storage shed for the pump. Further down are several inaccessible buildings with piles of boxes against them, giving access to the roofs as well as a raised walkway around a main large tree. Against the waterway itself is the docks which have room for several tour boats and two accessible buildings. The first building is just a regular type of house with a scattering of furniture. However, the second building is a bar, likely for serving the tourists with drinks and possible food as they wait/come back from the river tours.

At the far end of the marina is the main workshop/marina. The marina is an open two story structure with the workshop at the end. Several piers allow for boats to be docked when not in use and they can be worked on from the marina building, however all of these are now destroyed and sunk into the waterway. Various boxes and barrels are scattered about, indicating the various tools and supplies to fix the boats. At the back of the marina is the attached workshop which is a rickety metal warehouse with various metal shelves and desks inside containing more heavy duty equipment and parts for when the boats need emergency repairs or a complete overhaul. Across the waterway from the marina is Jimmy's Workshop, an attached but external workshop.


  • There are quite a few Metal chests in the area which can warrant braving the hordes located here.
    • One is found behind the bar in the main marina area.
    • Another is found on a pier in the marina workshop area.
    • One is in the back of a wrecked pick-up in a sealed off area behind the workshop area.
    • Another under one of the stairs leading up to the second story. This is the stairs facing the workshop.
    • Two more are inside the workshop itself, located on metal shelves.
  • A box of Pistol Ammo and Shotgun ammo can also be found on shelves behind the bar in the marina.
  • A Thug is always found next to the gas pump next to the entrance
  • Several Suiciders are in the area, one near the Thug and one in the marina workshop area.
  • Various Infected are found hidden across the marina site, often coming out of nowhere, so be on your guard, especially if firing a firearm.
  • Two Floaters are on the piers of Jimmy's Workshop, as well as a Suicider, so stay away from the water to avoid their attention.
  • A Fast Travel map is on the wall next to the bar area to quickly escape/get to the marina.
  • Unlike the Motorboats that spawn at various locations after the main quest New Beginnings, the boat that spawns at the marina pier is red, while the others are all blue.