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The map when you view it in game from the pause menu

The Map is an item featured in Escape Dead Island. You get this item near the beginning of the game, when Cliff Calo and his friends first arrive on the island after landing at the beach. The map serves as just that, a map of the island to help you navigate through the game.


The map is located at the Beach Bar on the beach. At first, you can't take it, but later in the mission Cliff picks it up and takes it.


The map serves as the main map of the game, listing locations and where they are in relation to the island after you first visit them. The map will automatically update with each location when you first visit them. However, you can't zoom in to the map, use it as a minimap or get a more detailed view of the entire area, unlike previous games where the map is interactive and shows your nearby surroundings.


  • There is no minimap version of this that you can have on your HUD at all times.
  • You can only access this map from the pause menu, where there is a button labelled 'map'.
  • The map is relatively lacking in details, so you'll likely not use it much, since it doesn't show you details of your surroundings like in main games.
  • The map is a black and white map of Narapela without much detail. There is, however, a legend at the side which has corresponding numbers so you know roughly where each location is.
  • Cliff is shown on the map by a small figure.