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The Mansion Under Construction is a location featured in Dead Island 2. It is a large mansion that was in the process of being built in Beverly Hills before the outbreak occurred. The Slayers first come here during the main quest Kwon With the Wind when they search for Jessica Kwon to ask her where Michael Anders might be found. She regularly visited the construction workers of the mansion to get away from her mother, however this time she found out that the workers had been infected, and she locked herself in a small room on the second floor. The Slayers fought through the mansion to find her and let her return home.




  • The mansion is covered in Shotgun Traps that will reset every time the map is reloaded or the game is opened.
  • The collectible journal Thwump! can be obtained from the sKOpe in the second floor bedroom.
  • A Workbench is found in the room where Jessica is hiding in.
  • The Uncommon Melee Mutilator Mod is also found on top of this workbench.