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The Makeshift Hospital is a safehouse in Dead Island: Riptide.

The Heroes will first encounter this while travelling to The Fort of Henderson, as the hospital is located near the central square of Henderson. Cecil set up a makeshift hostel to help people when the outbreak first happened on the island, using his medical skills to help those caught out during the opening stages of the outbreak. Cecil is helped by Sean, another doctor, and together they care for the injured survivors in Henderson. When the heroes first arrive the hospital is without power and the heroes can choose whether or not to help restore the power so Cecil can continue healing people. When the heroes are leaving on the boat, we see Cecil desperately trying to keep the zombies out by holding the door against a Thug. However, the door is broken down, throwing him backwards before landing on top of him, presumably killing him. From this, we can see that the hospital is overrun and everyone inside presumably killed and eaten by the zombies.


From the outside the hospital can be easily missed, as there's very few things to distinguish it from the other buildings other than a large banner with a red healing cross on it over the doorway. Otherwise, it blends in with the other buildings on the block. The building itself is multiple stories, with various plant life growing over it, including flowers up the walls/pillars and vines around the banner.

Inside, the actual hospital set up is on the upper floor, while the lower floor is barred off with a set of bars in front of the doorway. Because Cecil repurposed this building to be a hospital, the original purpose is likely an apartment building, as the ground floor resembles a reception. There's a desk with fast travel map behind it, while a corridor extends both left and right from the main entrance. To the right is the stairs to the basement while to the left is inaccessible rooms.

The basement is originally dark due to the power being off, but even with it on it's very tight and claustrophobic. The basement holds the power generators and a fuse panel which keeps it all running. There are a few side rooms but they are all full of equipment and electrical machines that supply the power to the building. At some point, the basement was overrun and a fuse was blown, causing the whole building to be plunged into darkness, though this can be rectified by the heroes upon their arrival.

The upper floor has Cecil's hospital set up, which consists of a load of bunk beds set up in a hallway to keep patients comfortable. Various boxes are scattered around while some medical apparatus have been salvaged by Cecil and Sean so they can work on a patient if needed. Various drip bags and medical dividers have been set up to shield beds from one another, with some metal trays of medical tools dotted around for easy access by Cecil or Sean.

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  • The zombies in the basement can respawn, even after completing The Darkness, however they will be in far fewer numbers.
  • You'll need to complete both of Cecil's quests to unlock the achievement First Do No Harm. You don't need to complete Sean's side quest, however.
  • There are a lot of energy drinks scattered around on the ground floor of the hospital at the entrance, making it a good place to heal up if in an emergency.
  • It's dangerous to leave the hospital via the front door rather than fast travelling, because it opens up to the main square where a Screamer and multiple Infected are located. They can easily notice you and catch up to you before you have a chance to get to higher ground.