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EDI makeshift club

The club on Cliff's back

The Makeshift Club is a melee weapon featured in Escape Dead Island. It is the first melee weapon that Cliff Calo can get a hold of and as such is not very good. It's the very definition of a makeshift weapon, being ripped right out of the ground and being used to bash zombie's heads in! It is, however, the first melee weapon you get your hands on and allows Cliff to fight zombies without having to sneak up behind them and stealth kill them.


It is collected inside the container on the beach after Cliff wakes up inside it at the beginning of Mission 4 - Marathon. The club is lying on a table ready to be picked up.


The club is the most basic of all the weapons in the game, being quite literally makeshift and a blunt club. The weapon is little more than a metal pipe that's been wrenched out of the ground and turned upside down to be held. The bolts that held it on the floor are even still on the weapon! Still, it serves its purpose well enough, if a little lacklustre. The weapon is the weakest in the game, bar none. It takes upwards of five hits to kill a regular Shamber, which is more than even the screwdriver which takes three hits, but then that is a silent killing weapon. The club can do regular attacks or a larger, more powerful but slower heavy attack which does more damage and can knock a zombie to the ground, allowing Cliff to perform an execution on the downed zombie, which is an effective way to kill one. It does struggle against anything tougher than a Shambler, however, and even against them it has difficulty. Because of this, stealth killing zombies is still the better way to go about the early parts of the game, since the club can easily get you killed thanks to its low damage.


Values are based on Cliff's health. Ground attacks are those against knocked down enemies. Some possible damage values may not have been found during testing.

Attack Median damage Possible damage numbers
Basic 1 4.5 4 and 5
Basic 2 4 3, 4 and5
Basic 3 7.5 6, 7, 8 and 9
Heavy 10 9, 10 and 11
Run 12 10.5, 11.5, 12.5 and 13.5
Ground 4 3, 4 and 5

Basic 1 to 3 are the seperate attacks of a full combo attack. The Makeshift Club can unleash 0.33 combos per second meaning a DPS of 5.28. The combo speed drops by ~28% when out of stamina which happens after 8 combos. For heavy attacks an attack speed of 0.46 heavies per second can be achieved with corresponding DPS of 4.6. This drops by ~26% when out of stamina, which is after 4 heavy attacks.


  • As with all weapons in Escape Dead Island, the club can't break.
  • It also can't be upgraded at a workbench, like other Escape weapons.
  • It is discarded once Cliff finds a better weapon later on in the game.