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Makayla is a survivor and Merchant in Dead Island: Riptide. She is found in Halai Village where she has taken refuge in a house in the western part of town after completing a scavenging trip. Inside the house are numerous supplies and weapons, as well as a workshop, and Makayla sits by the counter, offering to trade weapons and supplies.


Makayla is a young woman with short black hair. She wears a blue patterned vest, a yellow patterned undershirt, a red bra, red jeans held by a grey belt, and black flip-flops. She also wears a single beaded necklace and three beaded bracelets on her left wrist. In the Definitive Edition, her jeans are blue and extremely dirty/faded and her belt is fluorescent green.


Makayla will sell the following items in the base game:

Survivor Pack DLC[]

If the player has the Survivor Pack DLC, Makayla's inventory will be significantly altered, selling many more weapons of higher rarity. Her prices are also reduced to 80% of the norm.

Items she sells with the Survivor Pack DLC may include:


  • Both a white 'common' rarity Meat Mallet and Tanto spawn in Makayla's hut.
  • A medium Medkit is also found here on the shelf behind the bar.