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He beat me, you see. That's why I ran away. I found a man here who is kind to me. Who never hits me like that coward Makimbah. Tell him I am dead. Will you tell him that for me?
— Mahina, Telling the Heroes about how her Husband beats her.

Mahina is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


She is located in the River Village in the Mingende Jungle. She is first met by the Heroes during the side quest A Matter of Honor, in which they must travel to the River Village and find Mahina, at the request of her husband Makimbah. Upon finding Mahina, she reveals that Makimbah was a terrible husband and that she willingly moved to the River Village in order to live with a man who treats her right. She tells the Hero to tell Makimbah that she is dead, but the Hero will need to find the necklace that Makimbah gave to her, since she always wore it, and it will be the only thing able to convince Makimbah that she is dead. Once Makimbah has the necklace, he believes that Mahina is dead, and Mahina remains at the River Village for the rest of the game.


Mahina is a middle aged woman with short blonde hair. She wears a pale green patterned jacket, a blue checkered shirt, light blue patterned pants, and red shoes. She also wears a large beaded necklace.


  • Despite being named, Mahina is listed as "Makimbah's Bride".
  • After she runs away from Makimbah because he was abusive to her, she mentions she found a new man who truly cares for her.