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DIRR magic drop

A magic power drop

Magic Power is a type of power up available in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. There's a total of 3 different magic powers available to use, though only one can be selected at any given time and changing powers requires quitting the stage and returning to the menu to select a new power. At the end both world 1 and world 2, a new magic power is unlocked to use and can be swapped between stages, much like the Super Weapon. Also like the super weapon, it is available to use at the beginning of the stage, being seen in the top right hand corner of the screen, however it requires recharging before it can be used again, deeming it an 'emergency' power to use.

As an emergency power, magic is only really to be used when on low health and swamped with enemies. When down to your final life, and surrounded by enemies, or even if you're stuck in a lane where either continuing or switching will guarantee a hit, using the magic power is a good idea if it's charged. When used, the stage will slow down, Max will stop moving and do an animation. Max will also be invulnerable whilst it is happening, so if there are hostile projectiles moving, Max will not be harmed by them. After time has slowed down, an animation will play of the power activating before killing everything on screen and a short distance in front of the screen. This will kill any enemy in one hit, destroy Barriers as well as projectiles, giving Max a brief respite of a couple of seconds to get to a better position and be ready to dodge anything coming his way after the stage continues as normal. Enemies destroyed by the magic power will have their body explode in small bits, denying the player the opportunity to destroy their corpse for Points.

Magic types[]

A total of 3 magic types are available to choose from, with one being chosen by the player at the start of the stage. After clearing 1-8 and 2-8, a new power is then available to be selected, to a total of 3. They all destroy everything on screen, however the animation time is different for each magic type.

Electric Magic[]

This is the power available from world 1-1 and is the very first one available. When used, Max does his victory animation from the end of the stage and moves to the centre of the screen in the middle lane. Lightning comes down from the sky, strikes him, travels to both ends of the screen before exploding every enemy in electricity. This animation takes 2.4 seconds. When the stage progresses, pieces of electrified meat can be seen on the ground.

Dragon Magic[]

Available after finishing stage 1-8, this power has a purple dragon come down from the sky, breath out purple fire onto the stage which then covers it from below. This animation takes 4.6 seconds. When the fire is gone, everything is dead and purple fire is left on the ground.

Ninja magic[]

Available after finishing stage 2-8, this power has Kanji fly around Max shortly after which he will create many clones of himself, stacking up besides him. The clones start flying around on the screen with a sword pointed forward while the real Max turns invisible. When the clones stop flying around, everything is dead and Max re-appears again. This animation takes 4.5 seconds.


  • If Max has used his magic power and breaks open an Airdrop crate, he can collect a pickup to instantly recharge his magic power so it can be reused again.
    • This is only available if he has not taken any damage.
  • Enemies can still walk off screen before the magic power destroys everything on screen, hence letting the player miss out on destroying those enemies. The lightning fast electric magic therefore offers a small advantage.
  • A stage ends when no points can be earned. Since the magic power destroys all enemies without leaving a body behind, using it at the end of a stage will end the level faster than usual.