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The rockets along with the rocket launcher

The Mad Rocket is a type of special ammo used by the M72 LAW in Dead Island: Riptide. It is only useable by the M72 and can't be crafted or purchased. Because the M72 is one of the final firearms available, the ammo for it is similarly rare, the rarest of all the special ammo types. Like all ammo, there is a limit to how many rockets can be carried but due to their scarcity is it difficult to max this out. If you do, the max ammo able to be carried is only 5 rockets.


  • The Mad Rocket is the only type of special ammo that's not purchasable from merchants. It can only be acquired from the Old Town Cinema rooftop (after completing the main quest Evacuation) or from the Quarantine Zone via the small armoury area near the entrance after it's broken down with the bulldozer at the beginning of the final main quest With the Tide.
  • It's also the only type of ammo (both normal and special) to not appear anywhere in the inventory screen. It does not appear on the weapon wheel nor does it appear in the same place as the other special ammo.
    • Because of this, they can never be sold to a merchant.


  • Even though they can't be sold to a merchant or be found in the inventory screen, they still have a price of $322, making them one of the cheaper special ammo types!
  • It's unknown why they are called a 'Mad Rocket' rather than a conventional name like 'M72 LAW Rocket' or even just 'Rocket', like how other special ammo are named.