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Machete Enemy is an enemy featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They're rebel prisoners who carry a Machete which they will also throw.


Machete enemies will throw a machete upon entering the screen. The machete can be hit back, however machete enemies will dodge projectiles, including the machete hit back at them. Like other enemies, they appear down one of the three rows and do not switch lane.


Machete enemies wear black shoes with orange pants, much like a prisoner would. They wear an opened black jacket without sleeves and some wrinkles depicted by lighter curves. In their right hand they carry their machete. They have a moustache attached to their short beard and hair. Their hair color is black and hairstyle is a ponytail.


Machete enemies throw a machete upon entering the screen. The machete can be hit back by the player. Machete enemies will dodge any projectile hit towards them, including their own machete. After throwing their machete, they will walk through the lane.


  • The only danger of the machete enemy is their thrown machete. It can be hit back by spamming any attack hitting in front of the player. Alternatively, the player can dodge it by moving to another lane.
  • Hitting the machete enemy with an upwards, followed by forwards attack combo will eliminate him and launch a machete behind him.
  • Machete enemies will dodge projectiles, meaning one has to stay alert after launching a non-disappearing projectile, such as a Stomper Leg through a lane, since a machete enemy may still be present in the lane.


  • Machete enemies have 2 health points.
  • Machete enemies reward 10 points per health point removed.


  • Machete enemies are the only enemies that are not eliminated by projectiles.