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For For the weapon of the same name in the main games, see Machete.
For For the projectile of the same name in Dead Island: Retro Revenge, see Machete (projectile)(Retro Revenge).
DIRR machete drop

The Machete is a type of unique weapon available in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. It can only be obtained in world 2 via the POW crate, where it is a drop that can be used for a limited time (~11 seconds) before it disappears.


Unlike the main games, the machete is a temporary pickup rather than a permanent weapon and lasts for a short amount of time at around 11 seconds or so. The machete is a powerful weapon as it crushes any enemy killed with it. While not a one hit kill to everything, it is more powerful than Max's normal fists in the way that it enlarges the crosshair in which Max can hit enemies, making landing perfect hits much easier and extending the range of his hits. It can also crush through barriers, something normally reserved for the super weapon, Magic Power and projectiles. However, it doesn't make Max invulnerable, as he can still be hit while using it and despite its power, the zombies will still have the same strengths, so attacking a Leader with a forwards attack will still cause Max to get hit, even while using the machete. Once the weapon pickup has expired, Max will return to his default fists but any Score Multiplier gained while using the machete is retained.


  • Unlike a super weapon, it does not activate the blue double score multiplier when it is active.
  • The machete functions identically to the Sledgehammer and Fireaxe from world 1 and 3.


  • The machete looks like a basic machete, enhanced with a battery. The battery is attached above the guard with conducting cables attached to the blade to electrify it.