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For the weapon of the same name in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, see Machete.

Designed for hacking through thick tropical undergrowth, a machete is equally good at cutting through the dead.
— Description

The Machete is a type of Maiming sharp weapon featured in Dead Island 2. It is available in all Item Rarities.


Only mod tiers up to the rarity of the machete can be applied


Each Machete comes with either Sturdy Handle or High Impact as their fixed perk (chosen randomly). Additionally, only perks of the same or lower rarity as the Machete can be applied.

Uncommon perks[]

Rare perks[]

Superior perks[]


When scrapped, the Machete will be destroyed and give back an assorment of parts based on its rarity. Perks and mods applied to the weapon will return additional parts to half the cost of each mod and perk. The fixed perk does not reward additional parts from scrapping.

The random common parts may be additional scrap or fasteners. Other common parts that may be returned are Adhesive and Fabric.
The random uncommon parts may be Metal Parts, Blades,Electronics, Aerosol and Gunpowder (The return of Wire and Chemicals requires additional testing)