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The M1 Garand is a type of cut Single Shot Rifle featured in the game files of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It's unknown exactly how they intended you to acquire this rifle, or why it's a named, real world firearm, but in any case the weapon was cut at some point in development, only present in the game files and requiring modding the game to acquire it.


Unlike the Single Shot Rifle that made the final game, the M1 Garand is a very strange weapon in terms of stats. It has incredibly low damage at any level, with a base of 7 damage, but high accuracy and rate of fire, and the standard medium reload speed. For actually killing zombies, the weapon is useless, as even if you got it at the very beginning of the game at level 1, it would still require magazines of bullets to kill even a Walker. It has high accuracy and the same rate of fire as the regular Single Shot Rifle, but this counts for nothing since the damage is so low it would take a long while to kill something.

In Riptide, the weapon has better damage and accuracy, though it is still far below any accessible firearm in the game.


  • The rifle has an orange 'legendary' rarity, despite its incredibly low damage.
  • Unlike a real M1 Garand, the rifle holds 20 rounds compared to its real life counterpart holding 8.
  • The weapon uses the same model as the Single Shot Rifle, and has the same firing noise as the AI using rifles.
  • The rifle also has broken iron sights.
  • It sells for barely any Cash, despite being a legendary weapon.
  • In Riptide, the rifle has improved stats with better damage and accuracy, though still far below any normal rifle.
  • In Riptide, the weapon does not display a name, and no matter what rarity you give it to yourself in, it will not display it.