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God...that was so horrible...
— Lydia

Lydia is a survivor in Dead Island: Riptide. She is first encountered by the Hero in the south of Henderson, on the roof of the Sea Market.


Lydia was on vacation in Palanai after her friends told her to visit the city. She listened to them and traveled to Henderson; she had planned to visit Henderson's historic sites, but decided to explore more of the town instead. The zombie outbreak occurred while she was visiting Market area with a tour group. Lydia was buying souvenirs from shops when she witnessed zombies attacking people and eating them. Terrified, she tried to escape the market but was overwhelmed. Lydia saw that her tour group had been turned into zombies and fled to the warehouse. There, she saw a ladder leading to the roof and climbed it, knowing the zombies wouldn't be able to reach her. While safe, Lydia realized that she was trapped as the zombies surrounded her. She began shouting for help, hoping that someone still alive would hear her pleas.

Lydia got increasingly worried as she saw the market be flooded by the monsoon and the number of zombies increase.

Lydia eventually spots the Heroes and calls out to them. As soon as the Hero spots Lydia, they start the Civilian Rescue quest Rescue Lydia. Once the zombies are dead, Lydia comments on how horrible everything became and calls them up. She blithely repeats what her friends said about how it'll be fun in the city and gives the heroes cash as a reward. She thanks them for helping her and rests on the roof for a while and then leaves the area to find a safe place.


Lydia is an older woman with short brown hair. She wears a purple button up shirt, a light grey patterned coat, black shorts held by a black belt, and black flip flops. She also wears several beaded necklaces.