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Luciana Salazar is a survivor featured in Dead Island 2. She can be found at Emma's Mansion in Bel-Air. She is first met by the Slayers during the main quest Bel-Air Brawl, where she is found taking refuge in the house along with the rest of her family. She briefly thanks the Slayers after they secure the house, before going back to her work on her laptop. She is constantly typing away on it as she monitors and tracks underground earthquakes and those across the city.

After the Slayers help Sam B and Emma Jaunt escape Los Angeles, she gives the Slayers the side quest It's Not Your Fault, where they must find four seismic monitors across Bel-Air that were set up by her and her colleagues to monitor seismic activity across Los Angeles. Her colleagues unfortunately didn't make it, but Luciana needs that data.


Luciana is a middle aged woman with wiry greying black hair. She wears a black vest, a peach undershirt, ripped blue jeans, and white house shoes. She has a lip piercing, and wears a silver heart locket, a black choker, and black square-rimmed glasses.


  • Luciana seems really affected by Ronnie Redford's death; it is unknown if she knew him or is just affected by the loss of life.
  • Luciana's mission implies that the earthquakes are due to either the zombies rising out of the ground or the biomass in the sewers.