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Lieutenant Mike B. Hicks, labelled Lt. Hicks in-game, is a named Walker featured in Dead Island 2. He was a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He is encountered by the Slayers during the story quest Beach Offensive, in the Venice Beach FOB at Venice Beach.

Hicks was one of the officers at the Venice Beach FOB, where they checked and evacuated people from Venice Beach to the Serling Hotel at Ocean Avenue. Hicks was the Wednesday officer of the day during the operation of the FOB, and in charge of the lockdown code for the base. After being told off several times by his superior officer about the code, he settled on a suitable one for the base. The day before the FOB was overrun, he ate something which didn't agree with him, and was constantly in the toilet as a result. At some point he was infected, and turned whilst in one of the portapotties at the base, where he is found by the Slayers and killed to get the final part of the base lockdown code from his dog tags.


Like other Walkers, Hicks will attempt to walk to an uninfected survivor and claw at them, attempting to spread infection via cut. He will also try to grapple and bite an uninfected survivor. When unagitated, he will meander around an area.


Hicks's face is covered in blood, likely from how he was infected, whilst the rest of his clothes and exposed arms are likewise covered, though it is unknown if it is his own blood or from other survivors. As a soldier, he is wearing a camo shirt with tan body armor over it, along with a combat helmet, combat pants and tan combat boots.


  • Due to being just a Walker, any normal Walker strategies will work on Hicks.
  • Stand off to the side when opening the portapotty to avoid Hicks' grapple.
  • Using the Chem Bomb and Electric Star Curveballs will quickly electrify Hicks, allowing for some free hits.
  • Alternatively, using the Meat Bait and Pipe Bomb curveball combo is effective, as Hicks will be attracted to the Meat Bait, allowing for a well timed pipe bomb to do high damage.


  • Hicks' dog tags reveal several things:
    • He has a middle name beginning with B.
    • He was Protestant.
    • His blood type was A negative
  • His birthday was the 28th of April.