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"To stand among us, you must prove you are worthy"
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Crazed physco

A Looter

Come on out, you coward!
— Looter

Looters are the hostile human survivors featured in Dead Island that see the zombie apocalypse as a benefit. Looters appear all over the city of Moresby, where they roam the streets and will attack the Hero on sight. They are usually armed, sporting pistols. This makes them a good source for firearms and ammo.

A few groups of these criminals have taken control of various central locations, such as the Police Station and the Supermarket. Other survivors will sometimes refer to them as "Raskol thugs", indicating that they may have been part of gangs before the apocalypse.

Level Health
1 400
9 500
16 720
31 1300
40 1600
50 1800


  • They have and extremely large amount of stamina, which makes KO'ing them nearly impossible without Sam B's "Tackle" skill or a heavily upgraded weapon.
  • They react to explosives, running away from them and taking cover. Killing them with an explosive in an large, open area is extremely difficult. Due to its instantaneous effect , it is advised to use Molotovs.
  • They can be dispatched at close range but require duck and cover tactics to get in close enough to sprint to. However, a well placed headshot from a firearm will kill them instantly.
  • In certain areas, it is inadvisable to attempt to run them down with a vehicle due to tight spots. They will also fire through the windows of the vehicle at the Hero. In such case it's best to exit the vehicle then use it as cover while dispatching the Looters.
  • Looters are easier to kill with firearms than zombies making it the best way to take them out.
  • They are easily aggroed by Zombies, and even a heavily injured Looter will choose to attack a zombie over the player if they are both in his line of sight. This can be used to attack them up-close, or distract them in order to line up throwing a projectile weapon.


  • Most Looters are marked on the map with a skull, which represents something that needs to be killed.
  • The Looters belong to different groups.
  • In-game, Looters are also referred to as Punks.
  • Most of the Punks in Ryder White's Campaign are called Looters.
  • There are looters in Dead Island 2, but they are killed by zombies before the slayers can meet them.