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Lola Konradt is a character featured in Dead Island 2.


Lola is a technology billionaire, owner of OSK, and the inventor of the Skope device powered with the Konstant operating system that she invented, allowing her to survey and watch everything. She later meets Dr. Reuben Reed and discovered the existence of the Autophage. This leads her to build an new AI called Konstantin to find the necessary data to predict any possible outbreaks and later creates the Brink implant. She later founds a doomsday cult named Haus designed to save humanity by uploading their consciousness' to a satellite and return when the outbreak was over. At one point, Lola was infected following the outbreak of a zombie virus in Los Angeles. Instead of becoming a zombie, however, she became a rare Human-Zombie hybrid called a Numen. Her body was enhanced in a way that surpassed normal human capabilities, and she possessed a heightened mind that allowed her to communicate telepathically. Some time after her metamorphosis, she gained two fellow Numen followers who shared the same mindset and later became disillusioned with the US Army's attempt to control the outbreak and Reed's attempts at preventing and curing the Autophage.

Lola took notice of a particular Slayer, who turned out to be immune to the zombie virus and had the same mind link as her. She and her followers had their first meeting with the Slayer down in the Brentwood Sewer, where she discusses the potential of their immunity and true nature, but the Slayer remains oblivious. Disappointed, Lola sends the slayer into a den of zombies to unleash their potential, witnessing them briefly going on a zombie killing rampage before leaving.

Lola later reappears talking with Reuben in his office at Ocean Avenue. She and Reuben get into an argument saying that they agreed to leave the Slayer alone and later ends the Slayer a file when the Skopes are turned back on.

Lola and her followers come to the Slayer's rescue after nearly they are nearly killed by Tisha. From here, Lola reveals more about herself, including being a Numen and how the Autophage isn't a virus and there is no cure. She explains that the Numen are destined to carry humanity through the end and offers the Slayer the opportunity to join them, but the Slayer refuses. Unwilling to reason further, Lola forewarns them of Dr. Reed and sends them away again.

At Hollywood Boulevard, Lola watches from afar as the Slayer and the group make their way to the only available helicopter, and is intrigued when the Slayer chooses to stay behind instead of escaping. With one last mind talk, the Slayer states that they stayed behind to save Tisha. Lola and her followers then depart once again.

She appears off screen in the SoLA DLC, where she talks to Cadenza about the danger that "the beat" holds to the world if anyone manages to get hold of it.


Lola is an older lady with white hair and blue eyes. She wears all black clothes with a top that ties together in the back and a pair of large baggy dress pants. She is barefoot and has the symbol for a BrinK implant on the back of her neck.


  • Lola's name, Konradt, seems to be an allusion to the novel "Heart of Darkness", written by Joseph Conrad and featuring a somewhat similar character called Kurtz. This is openly acknowledged by the game as the quest where the Slayer meets Lola is called "the Heart of Darkness".
  • In the SoLA DLC, when you open the register in the OSK store at the festival, you will hear lines from Lola taking to the Slayers.
  • Lola actually first appears at the start of the game. When the Slayers are walking through the wreckage, they briefly see a vision of her in the smoke.