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Linda... I'm so sorry
Cliff Calo upon seeing what Linda has become

Linda Waterson (Infected) is a unique boss zombie featured in Escape Dead Island. This is Linda Waterson, Cliff's friend, who has died and become a Siren while also possessing the Bouncer's leap. She is first encountered inside of Cliff's mind at the Helipad when she forces him there.


Zombie Linda is, for all intents and purposes, a Siren with a unique skin. She operates the same way as a Siren, with the same attack patterns except she just looks like someone Cliff truly cares for. She can still scream out like a Siren and will attack in the same way as a Siren does, except looking like Linda. She's also more aggressive than a regular Siren, possibly feeding off of whatever energy is left over from the real Linda. She's a construct of Cliff's insanity borne from the trauma of the death of Linda, the horrors of the island he has faced, as well as the infection that Cliff himself has contracted.


Zombie Linda looks exactly like Linda. She's wearing the same brown shorts, blue and white striped t-shirt, and purple ballet flat style shoes as Linda. She even has the same ponytail and glasses. However, now she's infected, showing the signs of her transformation. Her mouth is red and covered in blood and there's various scratches and blood marks on her arms and legs.


Like the regular Siren, Zombie Linda will periodically scream out to slow down and disorient Cliff. Upon spotting him, she will let out a scream that creates three Shadow Shamblers to assist her. She will then leap at Cliff to try and grab onto him to do some damage before closely following him with the intent of cutting him with her claws. She's far more aggressive than a regular Siren, as she will closely follow you around rather than sitting back behind other zombies.


  • Despite being a sort of 'boss' zombie, Zombie Linda's actually no tougher than a regular Siren. She might have three times the health, but other than dealing more damage with her swipes, she doesn't have any extra abilities at close range.
    • As such, the best strategy is to keep dodging away until the player puts some distance between them and her. She will then jump like a Bouncer or Butcher. Dodge the jump and make a couple of heavy attacks.
  • She can't block attacks like a Butcher, so consistently attacking her will deal lots of damage.
  • Using the Shotgun is a very effective way to kill Zombie Linda as each shot will stun her, and due to her low health, it only takes five point blank body shots to finish her off.
  • Ignore the shadow zombies that join her. They are superfluous to this fight and the player doesn't need to defeat them to continue, so focus on Zombie Linda.
  • It's impossible to stealth kill Zombie Linda.
  • Just like any other Bouncer, the player can knock down Zombie Linda after her pounce and execute her.

Damage and Health[]

  • Zombie Linda has 115 HP.
  • Her attacks deal the following damage:
    • Hit (high attack speed) = 5
    • Leap = 6


  • It's not possible to shoot or damage Zombie Linda before the cutscene introducing her plays. Any pistol shots fired before this will just go right through her and not do anything. It is however possible to damage, alert and kill Zombie Linda before entering the arena in Cliff's mind even leading her onto the walkway which disappears after entering the arena.
    • Killing her before entering the arena teleports Cliff into the arena, skipping her introduction scene. The introduction scene trigger is still present in the arena and can be activated to make additional shadow Shamblers spawn.
  • In the ending cutscene where Cliff is standing over her body, the model is actually normal Linda, not Zombie Linda, due to her face not being bloody and her arms/legs being untouched too, like the normal Linda model.
  • Taking a picture of Zombie Linda with the Camera gives Snapshot 35.
  • Zombie Linda has much less health then the other bosses.