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Linda Waterson. Quick, driven and extremely Satisfying to pester.
Cliff Calo about his friend.

Linda Waterson is a character featured in Escape Dead Island. She is one of Cliff Calo's and Devan Mavropani's best friends. Linda sets sail to the island of Narapela with Devan and Cliff to find the origins of the zombie virus.

While travelling to the island, Linda is making notes on a clipboard in preparation before they arrive. While doing so, Cliff steals her clipboard but after reading through it, he gives it back. He then gives it back and Linda forgives him if he gets her her voice recorder from the cabin.

Upon reaching the island, Linda runs off down the beach to observe a GeoPharm shipping container that has the word 'help' painted on the side. After getting Cliff to get her some pictures of the nearby beach bar, their boat sinks and Cliff is knocked unconscious trying to swim out to it. It is revealed by Linda that she fished him out before he drowned.

Together with Devan, they go with Cliff deeper into the jungle towards a nearby mountaintop to get their bearings. While going there, they encounter a large pile of bodies, horrifying them all, but they continue regardless to the mountaintop. There, Linda has a disagreement with Devan about what to do. Linda wants to go to a village to find people to interview, the purpose of their trip, while Devan wants to go to the marina to look for a boat first. Cliff sides with Linda, but he was distracted and not listening properly. They return back down the mountain to the body pile where they encounter their first zombie, which Cliff kills. In shock, they don't notice another one, a Bouncer, pounce on Linda from behind and bite her. Cliff kills it and together with Devan they bandage her up and Devan takes her to the mountaintop again while Cliff goes to look for a cure in one of the labs.

Linda remains in radio contact with Cliff all this time, until Cliff gets the main keycard for them, when he is gassed and wakes up on the mountaintop, where he witnesses Linda getting abducted by a large mutant. Cliff treks through the GeoPharm Labs looking both for a cure and Linda, where he finds her hooked up to equipment, with a scientist and the mutant next to her. The cure doesn't work on her and the mutant breaks the machine, killing her.

After waking back up on the mountaintop, Linda is now talking to Cliff without the radio, as a voice in his head. She continues to do this all the time, and is openly less compassionate than the real Linda, though occasionally the real Linda can be heard. This means that there's now two different Linda voices in Cliff's head, the real one, and the evil one which is likely caused by his infection and sanity. While in an insane episode, Cliff has to kill an infected version of Linda, which seems to successfully kill the evil Linda's voice in his head.

The voice comes back, though, while Cliff is having his finally insanity episode after being bitten by an infected Devan released by Faith, as a way of trying to get Cliff to take her cure/serum. The evil Linda tries to kill or break Cliff while he's fighting through his mind, sending waves of tough Shadow Zombies to try and kill him, as well as a zombie version of himself. All the while, the real Linda can sometimes be heard trying to get through to Cliff, but the evil Linda still tries to kill or break Cliff, eventually failing as Cliff defeats her creations and escape his mind. After this, Linda is dead for good, but after the credits, the box that Cliff sets at sea bumps into a boat carrying Cliff, Devan and Linda as they make their way to Narapela Island.


Linda is a tall, thin young woman with red hair in a ponytail and large, red framed glasses. She wears a white and blue striped shirt, short brown shorts held by a yellow belt, and purple ballet flat shoes. She wears a couple of colored bracelets one red and the other purple on her left arm, and as well two on her right.

Linda's recording[]

On Linda's voice recorder, she has already recorded something prior to getting to the island. Cliff listens to it in the cabin before giving it back to her. Here's what it says:

Day 1 - This is crazy. I've been reading about Banoi and reports of zombies, if you can believe it, on the roguewave forums, but I never thought I'd actually be in the middle of this story. Cliff's dad is going to be pissed we took his boat. But I think Cliff is kinda banking on that. And if we get this story... all's forgiven. At least, I hope so, 'cause it would really suck if his dad sunk my career before it started.



  • Linda wants to win a broadcasting award by the time she's 25.
  • Linda was the middle child of her family.
  • During her college years with Cliff, it's hinted by Devan that she had a crush on Cliff, but he didn't feel the same way.
  • While travelling to the island, Cliff discovers by stealing her clipboard that she has a crush on someone named Kyle.
  • Linda never actually talks to Cliff on the radio, it's all in his mind. This is revealed by Devan during a cutscene after Linda is abducted by Welles, as Devan tells Cliff that they don't have a radio, so it's impossible for Linda to have been talking to him.
  • Linda is distrustful of Xian Mei, but she states the reason as Xian Mei not having a good reason to help Cliff.
  • Voice/evil Linda is also hostile to Faith Kimball, though Faith can't know this as by now this Linda is just a voice in Cliff's head. Linda blames Faith, saying that she killed her, when Faith was trying to save Linda and it was actually Aaron who killed her.
  • In the steam trading card artwork, Linda's top has a Wonder Woman print on it, but in game it's missing.