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The Lighthouse Gas Station is a location in Dead Island located at the foot of the Lighthouse in the Resort.

It's one of the locations where gas cans for both Ashes to Ashes and Fluid Necessity can be found. You can also find one of the juice packs for Seek'n'Loot here. When you first arrive, you will find two survivors, Dan Mark and Sathiss, hiding inside the building. They will not leave, even after turning on the power and activating the fuel pumps. When you return after taking the fuel, you will find the door battered down and the two of them will have been killed, with zombies swarming the area.


The Lighthouse Gas Station is the smaller of the two gas stations in the Resort area. It has gas pumps with a small shop attached, as well as a small workshop. Like the other gas station, it has four pumps with a metal roof covering them to shield people from the elements. There's a large signboard out the front of it which has all the gas prices on it. The shop is a small rectangular building with a double door in the front. The back is fenced in with some assorted barrels and metal parts inside it, with the gate being keypad locked. There's also a ladder leading up to the roof of the workshop.

The workshop itself is just a large metal building which contains the power generators, as well as tools and supplies. There's spare gas cans for fuel, many metal shelves for parts as well as a car for emergencies. There's also various crates and barrels inside. Inside the gas station building is some metal shelving for goods, as well as some coolers to keep food and drink cold. There is a small desk with the cash register and some goods behind the counter.

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  • When you first arrive, there will be a few Walkers and Infected roaming around. However, after completing Ashes to Ashes, a Thug and more Walkers will have overrun the station.
  • There is no way to stop the gas station being overrun. Even if you don't unlock the keypad gate or open the main door to the workshop, it will be overrun regardless.
  • It's possible that the Hero turning on the power caused zombies to notice the gas station, meaning that the Hero was indirectly responsible for the deaths of Dan and Sathiss, but this is not confirmed.
  • There's several metal chests around the gas station. There's one inside the main building as well as two inside the workshop attached to it. This makes it a good place to quickly search for a good weapon. There's also one on the roof of the metal covering over the pumps, if you use one of the crates to jump onto it.
  • You can find a car in the workshop. If you open the main door, you can use it if you need a vehicle.
  • Strangely, there's no workbench at this gas station.
  • A cash register can be looted inside the main gas station building.
  • A vending machine can also be found here if you're low on health. Another one with a coffee machine look can also be found in the main building, but it will still only dispense energy drinks.